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5 Types – This is 2+/2-

2 Pluses 2 Minuses

The fundamental characteristics and behavior of individuals with a magnetic type of 2 Transmitters and 2 Receivers “2+/2-“
Remember, surface personality is the result of upbringing, experience, dna, education etc., but behind these masks is the driver – the unchangeable link of magnetite in the brain to the Earth’s magnetic field underpinning behavioural attitude.

  • strive for balance in all things internal and external.
  • diplomatic, charming, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, creative, flexible, compliant, good communicators, and intellectual.
  • nervy and cool, appearing strong in their interactions with others but actually reticent and self-effacing.
  • thrive on expression and enjoy holding court. 
  • strong desire for things to be right and fair.
  • often feel disappointed, even angry and rebellious, when they encounter injustice.
  • can be frustrated because they believe they can do things better, not in a superior way but in a practical and commonsense manner.
  • intensely private individuals and prefer not to involve themselves unless absolutely necessary.
  • sympathetic and enjoy making others happy but they can also be easily pushed to their limits.
  • have a motto of “don’t push me!”
  • become treacherous or even lie if they deem it necessary for the greater good.
  • do not seek power or leadership and prefer to be the power behind the throne or the caretaker.
  • strong sense of fairness and will do wht they can to see social justice in the world but, if they feel it’s an impossible task, they will retreat and find happiness in solitude.
  • sensitive and self-effacing but sometimes appear aloof or arrogant in appearance.
  • stable energy flow that allows them to course-correct and maintain equilibrium.
  • reliable as friends and supporters and they excel as party hosts and guests.
  • seen as the backbone of any enterprise and are good listeners.
  • seek peace, harmony and order in themselves, and influence others without directly controlling them.
  • mix well with all other types due to their diplomatic nature.
  • treat everyone with respect and it takes a lot for them to turn their back on someone.
  • have successful relationships with 3+/1- types but interactions with 4+/0- types can be overwhelming and require retreat for recovery.
  • supportive, reliable, and strive for harmony and equilibrium in their interactions with others.
    Overall, 2+/2- individuals are diplomatic, balanced and seek fairness and justice in all aspects of life.


People with the polarity pattern “+ – + -” are individuals who strive for balance and fairness in their interactions with others. They have a magnetic force field that constantly seeks equilibrium similar to the hands of a clock always aiming to be at 12. However, maintaining this balance can make them internally nervous and self-doubting.

These individuals are characterized by being outgoing and expressive, enjoying the spotlight and holding court. They are both sympathetic and empathetic, pouring out their energy to others. However, after extended periods of social interaction, they require solitude to recharge and reflect. It is crucial to respect their need for alone time, as they may become irritable or lash out unexpectedly if they don’t have these moments of retreat.

Their primary motivation is to see others happy, often going out of their way to help without any selfish motives. They don’t seek recognition or expect anything in return. However, they do have their limits and it’s important not to push them too far, as they value their own well-being and can become frustrated when things don’t go according to their sense of what is right or fair.

These individuals possess a strong degree of common sense and a desire to do things better, not for personal gain, but to achieve the desired balance and perfection they seek. They can become frustrated with the world’s shortcomings and injustices. Despite their outward strength, they are actually quite reticent and self-effacing, often hiding their own need for retreat and introspection.

While they may appear aloof or arrogant on the surface, they are actually sensitive and humble individuals once you get to know them. They don’t seek thanks or admiration for their actions and are comfortable with themselves. However, they can be caustic if their boundaries are crossed or if they encounter injustice.

The energy flow of the “+ – + -” polarity can be compared to ‘being in the doldrums’. They strive for calm and balance but can erupt into intense emotions when disturbed. Despite their occasional outbursts, they quickly return to their calm state, giving them an air of authority and attracting others. Some individuals with this polarity pattern have become despots or exhibited dictatorial behavior, while others have become dignified advocates against injustice.

They have a potential for Machiavellian behavior, seeking peace, harmony, and order but occasionally resorting to deception if they believe it serves a greater purpose. They are not power-hungry leaders but can be influential behind the scenes, acting as the power behind the throne. Their desire for balance and fairness makes them well-suited for roles as lawmakers and philosophers.

In personal relationships, individuals with “+ – + -” polarity get along well with others and are attractive to different types due to their ability to avoid offence and challenges. They treat everyone with respect, even their enemies, and turning their back on someone takes a lot. They make great companions and listeners, but they may not always be good at hearing. Their demand for equilibrium and their ability to course-correct their position makes them reliable and supportive.

Overall, people with “+ – + -” polarity strive for balance, fairness, and harmony in their interactions with others. They have a unique magnetism that attracts and influences people, but they also require periods of solitude to recharge and maintain their own well-being.

Famous 2+/2- Bradley Wiggins David Radcliffe Cheryl Cole Tracey Emin Tony Blair Michael Jordan Harrison Ford Britney Spears Andy Warhol Barak Obama Anthony Blunt Cameron Diaz Germaine Greer George Martin John Pilger John le Carre Edward VIII