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2 Ways To See It

Another way of realising the rationale behind the power of the control and effects of the magnetic code is to see it in all its glory in the ranks of army personnel.

There are 5 basic officers ranking from General to Lieutenant in the army.  If we apply the magnetic codes to these ranks, the value of the code can be easily seen. So, within their own ranks…

A General  =  4+/0-  Gives instructions to them all and receives instructions from none of them 
A Colonel =  3+/1-  Gives instructions to three of them and receives instructions from one of them 
A Major  =  2+/2- Gives instructions to two of them and receives instructions from two of them 
A Captain = 1+/3-  Gives instructions to one of them and receives instructions from three of them 
A Lieutenant = 0+/4-  Gives instructions to none of them and receives instructions from all four of them 

This is a simple representation of what the plus/minus system entails. Of course, there are various levels of each of the ranks, but these are the five basic ranks. Also, it is true that Generals are responsible to the politicians and Lieutenants are responsible for the men in the rank and file but, basically, and within their own group of officers, this is how it works. And this is how the magnetic fields work too. But as a guiding principle take note that 4+ give to receive and 4- receive to give!


Another way to try and understand the concept is through recognition of the earth’s abstract east-west circles of latitude.  Here’s a way to see it – the magnetic field is at full blast at the Arctic Circle so we place 4+/0- types here as they are 100% magnetic transmission. They radiate their magnetic blast to the Tropic of Cancer, which is the representation of 3+/1- types who receive it with the 1 receiver and transmit it with the 3 transmitters. Down it goes to the Equator where rests the 2+/2- magnetic types receiving and giving equally. The Tropic of Capricorn represents 1+/3- types who draw with their 3 receivers and transmit with their 1 transmitter left down to the 0+/4- types who only receive, passing their magnetic structure back up around the earth to join with the magnetic field in the Artic Circle.




4+ is the opposite to 4-
3+/1- is the opposite to 1+/3-
2+/2- is its own opposite. Hence, the reason why it is equal to all parties


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