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About Personality

It is vital to grasp the notion that ‘Starcodes’ is NOT about personality but underpins or rather ‘informs’ it.

Take a visit and click 16Personalities.com where you can complete a free short questionnaire which will, surprisingly, accurately reveal your personality. This test is famous as ‘Myers-Briggs’. They say there are 16 personality types. There are 4 elements consisting of 4 different behaviour types within them. 

Starcodes reveals only 5 types of magnetic beings. The beauty of the Myers-Briggs test is that it exposes the coat that develops over the body as life progresses BUT in the face of confrontation the true magnetic character dominating the individual will always come to the fore.

Whilst the accuracy of the Myers-Briggs test is undeniable, most of the characters within each of their 4 sectional types will be, predominantly, I believe, one of the five starcodes. For example, ‘Protagonists’ ENFJ-X’ will be mainly starcode 2+/2- types.

The four types they have are headed
1.  Analysts – consisting of Architect, Logician, Commander, Debater
2. Diplomats – consisting of Advocate, Mediator, Protagonist, Campaigner
3. Sentinels – consisting of Logistician, Defender, Executive, Consul
4. Explorers – consisting of Virtuoso, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Entertainer

I believe that most of…
1. will be starcode 4+/0-
2. will be starcode 1+/3-
3. will be starcode 0+/4-
4. will be starcode 3+/1- 

Starcode 2+/2- types fit all types.

Please consider doing the test and let me know what Myers-Briggs personality type you got and what your +/- magnetic code is. It will greatly help with the research.

Ardo Ci


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