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The first plus/minus…Life/Death

“Everything has an opposite in or of itself”




Time does not exist. If it did we could go backwards as well as forwards and at any speed. But we can’t. We only ever go forward and we use a measuring device for what is actually a continuum or constant process.

If everything has an opposite in or of itself then there is an opposite to life which we call death or I’d prefer to express it as death of life rather than just ‘death’ which implies termination – period. If we are in a continuum then we are also ‘in continuum’.

So here comes your eureka moment.

Logic degrees that if there is a finite us then there is also an infinite us.

Life has a finite period for all things but for us humans it is some three score and ten as it is commonly referred to, although of course it could be 100 years or it could be a couple of days depending on your luck.

When we ‘die’ it is different than when we ‘sleep’ which some people consider like death and indeed call it ‘little death’. But it is entirely different to death. When people go asleep they are unconscious of the switch into it. When people die they are awake to what is happening. They are consciously awake to what is happening to their bodies. It is only the body that is dying not them. Not their consciousness.

Einstein declared that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. When you die your electro magnetic energy source is entreated to join into the light and when it goes into the light leaving the body behind it goes as fast as the speed of light. And when something goes as fast as something else things seem to stand still. When you go into the light time stands still.

And because time is irrelevant it means all those you know and all those who have gone before you and will come after you are already there in the light with you.

Now let’s try and grasp how the physical brain prepares us for the light. Thought exists outside the brain. It is held aloft in our energy field. In my next piece I shall be talking specifically about the Soulmate Code – the polarity in us all that makes us connect successfully and otherwise with others. For now I just want you to watch this exceptional lecture by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain surgeon…

Jill Bolte Taylor – a personal experience