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Human Magnetism – How the pieces fit

Which one are you?


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Polarity! What’s yours?

The crystal ‘magnetite‘ lies in the human head next to the pineal gland, which, I believe, aligns us to the earth’s magnetic field at the time of our birth. From then on, magnetic waves dictate in us certain behavioural ‘attitudes’. These ‘attitudes’, or bearings, are our mechanical motivation housed in our magnetic field, and their natural response to the transmissions and receivers in others. This website is all about the identification and effects of our magnetic field.

It may at first seem confusing but it is vital to understand we are NOT talking about personality here.  (If you want to check out personality analysis for IQ you might try these tests at the University of Cambridge). No, we are talking about attitudes, as in the raw, natural, untainted leanings of a person before anything else kicks in, which masks them from view until a crisis exposes them. They are raw, like wood, over which there are layers of paint glossing over them. Think of a new boat that has a built-in leaning to the left. It sees everything from that perspective.

Beyond such ‘attitudes’, over which we have no control, there exists a plethora of variations such as gender, background, upbringing, DNA, education, experience and God-only-knows-what-else. It is like a game-show, the luck of the draw, a lottery. Magnetically Fated

One thing is for certain; each and every one of us is given a raw talent, which is surrounded by shackles. No matter who you are, what you’ve got, whatever you’ve achieved, wherever you’ve come from or wherever you’re going, your ‘talent’ will be spoiled by your shackles and, invariably, they deny you the complete joy of the exposure of your talent.

Maybe your talent is, for example, attracting money. Everything you do in your life is easy when it comes to money. You have it as and when you want or need it. You can command it like a magic wand. You have no problem setting up businesses and companies, money just flows in. You couldn’t have it better when it comes to money.  The shackles might be your relationships. They might be disastrous. Your partner might be loose and wayward or dismissive of you, your children despise you, your parents think you are a disastrous oaf or maybe you can’t have the kind of relationships you desire despite having all the money or power in the world. Worse, maybe the love of your life has died prematurely and no amount of your world or power can compensate for the loss.

Talents and shackles. What’s yours? I call them ‘Astromagnets’ for the transmitters (+) and receivers (-) that can give you the keys to understanding the ‘gearing’ of this horror and, with it, you can command the earth and not the other way round. And if you think you are not an electrical field with magnetite in your brain connecting you to the earth’s magnetic field and subject to its effects, think again and take a look at this……..

Without getting too technical, everything is made up of atoms. An atom consists of a Proton (+), an Electron (-) and a non-electrically charged particle called a Neutron through which the proton and electron communicate so as not be nullified. Each human atom consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Carbon is neutral and has no positive or negative charge, so we can discount this for the purpose of what I am getting at. Hydrogen is like the Proton (+), Oxygen is like the electron (-), and Nitrogen is like the neutron, (either +/-). So, even at the atomic level you can see the electric or magnetic plusses and minuses at work. Is this the answer to how astrology works? Is this the kernal to our make-up whereby the magnetite in our heads linking us the Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating its energy effects from the universe throughout our bodies causing fixed behaviour in our brains’ atoms through magnetism.

Knowing your astromagnets and, even more importantly, knowing other people’s astromagnets, can make a massive difference to your life. It enables you to completely understand the interaction between you and them at play.  Think carefully what that means both to you and them.  If they do not know their own astromagnets you have control over their behaviour. On the other hand if their astromagnets is known by all, miracles can happen.

One thing is certain, that at the magnetic level, we cannot change the way we interact and react to the world around us as dictated by our own electro-magnetic make-up. Whatever your astromagnets make-up is, whether 4+ or 4- or any of the three others inbetween, it is a fixed assignment in your behaviour, underpinning all you ever experience, appreciate, learn from, adapt or have good or bad fortune to endure. 

You are one of only 5 magnetic types, making just 15 one-to-one direct relationships but thousands more potential relationships when observed in multiple groupings. Fully understood, this knowledge can transform your understanding and thinking about all and everyone whom you come into contact with. It can also be used in management, business, sport and many other activities. It is often happening instinctively but get this knowledge from here and it will no longer be invisible to you. Be warned, if you ‘get it’, use it wisely!

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