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Magnetic Behaviour of the 5 Types


Patient, prudent, stable, reliable, hard-working, ambitious, disciplined, logical, governed by service and duty.

Let’s be absolutely clear, we are talking serious inductive power here. Whereas those with four transmitters 4+ blast and blow, huff and puff their way to your attention, 4- quietly, purposefully and powerfully just draw it from you.  A great team captain, they are supreme at appearing benign and masking their vice-like grip of power over everything around them. This means these people can take all you have got and more.  They could be incredibly manipulative with their power to absorb but it is so great it actually overwhelms any desire they may have to use it for their own personal ends.

What we have here is beguiling innocence, smiling, inviting; drawing strength from your strength. They are so warm and easy-going you find yourself almost wanting to reach out and put your arm around them or pat them on the back. Careful when you are doing it though. Be certain in your mind it is for the right reasons. If it is not, they will find you out and you’ll know what it’s like to be on the end of a quick bite.

Truth is all to these most individual, self-supporting, somewhat mesmerising types, they are very sensitive to their surroundings and quietly judgmental.  They appear to be ‘other-worldly’ and all knowing.  If ever there was a case to show the power of understanding that the opposite of what you see is what you get, this is it.  You probably think that because there are no  transmitters in their make-up, there can be little energy to recognise, but how wrong you can be.  Oddly enough, in their heads they have truly the biggest personality of all.  What would you expect when they are able to receive so much they can take some of it, mimic it and throw it back with spades – and all without so much as causing a blink to their receivership! As with all duality, everything has an opposite and, often, that opposite is the opposite of what you expect. For example, 4+ give the impression of being strong and powerful but, in fact, they are more like the lion in The Wizard of Oz, whereas you might think 4- would be withdrawn and weak-ish but they are the ones who are immensely strong, powerful and resilient, like Dorothy!

They love the bright lights.  They need to be in the spotlight or wherever the energy comes from. They love company and happily appear to be part of the group but, make no mistake, there is only one shining star.  They can take their place at the back but, believe me, they are working their way through to the front.

Don’t be fooled.  They are intensely private individuals and, as a group, they are frighteningly objective-driven much like the characters in the film The Children of the Damned! They can patiently wait for the moment when what they have conceived should happen, does happen – no matter what the setbacks.

They are absolutely primed and aimed at providing for the best interests of people in general.  They really, really do care about the common good.  They are extremely calculating and deterministic.  The light they are given is never enough to match their power of absorption so the result is that those around them must constantly work on their commitment to achieving whatever may have been agreed between the parties.  Oh, it won’t matter a jot what may develop during this process, whether you’ve been a clown, prince or made mistakes of gigantic proportions. They will barely blink providing you show, and they continue to recognise that, essentially, you are still on the beam.  But fall off that beam for any reason and it’s over.  Four receivers means they will suck you into the wilds of outer space and you will never be heard of again. Nothing can annihilate you faster.

The real power here is that they are very serious about life and responsibility.  They expect the same from you but know that it is unlikely you will show such a fine trait, so they make giant allowances for you.  You, of course, unsuspecting, get to meet or come into the company of one of these dearies and they allow you to behave in your usual moronic way. Indeed, they’ll even applaud you as you go out of your way to impress them with your box of smarts.  And you will happily think you are doing just that.  Then you might tipple over into disappointment for them should you fail to deliver.  And nothing, but nothing, will get your head taken off faster than that little mistake.  However, let’s say you’ve made it into the inner sanctum first, well, okay, you’ll survive but let me assure you, you’re being watched.

These souls are very tuned in to local conditions.  They are also filled with bonhomie and good humour.  There seem to be few grey areas with them. They can attract, detract and distract in equal measures.  They can be very sensitive to the vibrations around them and can be subdued by them.  They are as independent as you can get and, whilst they emit a persona of care and deep appreciation for things within their purview, they are immeasurably strong in confronting the worst.

“The one’s who aim to fight, well, we aim to please” could well be their motto for that is exactly their mindset. They accept the inevitable, and bravely.  They are controlling, influential and like to understand their situation only to the extent that it enables that control to be exerted.  There is a tendency to ‘imagine’ things into existence rather than confronting the reality, but once faced, they are stalwarts in accepting their fate.

4- are energy absorbers.  The electromagnetic waves are all towards them. They have no kicker  to stimulate the energy from others so they benignly absorb everything there is or they can find. They thrive on receiving energy from others and feed off caring and consideration. When they have over-indulged on too many waves, they become quiet, but never oppressed. They think they are actively helping those in need, ‘those poor saps they are listening to’, but it is simply a way to gain their attention so that they can expose the full range of their considerable smarts. Strangely, they think they are forthright but, in truth, they are very laid back and unfazed by what may be happening around them.

They have a superabundance of space to receive energy. I do not mean they are dark matter – they most certainly are not. Quite the opposite in fact. I mean that they are as powerful in drawing energy as the Sun is in expressing it.  They are the complete antithesis of their polar opposites, 4+ who are unable to receive at all, but give everything they have got – crash, bang, wallop and there you have it; unbridled thrust. For the 4- types, their energy is geared only “to receive” and it is usually unconstrained.  It has no effect on them whether the giver requires their attention but their intention is the opposite; they just want to hear it like it is. In truth, they don’t really mind what the other person feels or is saying.  They are simply drawing the energy they need themselves from the other person.

They don’t initiate reaching out to others. It is a chore to them that they have to bother going through the process of ‘getting to know you’. However, others reaching out to them will be decidedly appreciated.  Despite the apparent reticence they may seem to show in their meeting with people for the first time, believe it or not, they are extremely forthright, personality-driven and non-self aware. In their quiet moments, they never question themselves, and are totally unconcerned that they may have offended someone in some way unnecessarily.  There is an exception to this. They do not believe in cruelty and if a person has been bitterly hurt or offended no one can go to the extremes 4- people will to amend the situation. If you can take it, however, and they know you can, you’ll be burned at the stake without care. Apologies are out of the question – more chance of hell freezing over.  What is there to apologise for when they aren’t aware they have even caused an upset?

They love company they already know, as it energises them, but meeting new company is difficult for them to have to endure, as they do not thrive on forming new relationships; it makes them feel slightly awkward. On these occasions, they usually go into ‘observer’ mode whilst smiling at you.  However, once the first meeting or two with ‘new company’ has been accomplished they are immediately treated as old company and 4- are again in their element.  In turn, they are most energised by old familiar company over whom they will hold court.

They can happily engage in any event as the life and soul of the party but it is all surface.  As long as the party is being generated they will gladly take their place.  The promising balance initially found in their own type’s company dissipates in time leaving them with a feeling of “what next”?  Once the party is going, they have a strong desire for more and more – i.e. no full capacity.

4- people have an amazing ability for absorbing the energy of all other types. In contrast, their opposites, the 4+, cannot get on with other 4+ because ‘like’ poles repel and they have no inlet valve between them so they push each other apart. 4- people, on the other hand, cannot get on with other 4- people to any great degree because they have no transmitters to attract one another so they harmlessly rub off one another without any magnetism. Think of two magnets without any positive energy – they just rub off each other without a connection. In that sense they can get on together. Simply speaking, there is no ‘magnetic’ attraction.

Imagine what we’ve got here – four receivers and no transmitters.  All the other types propel magnetic energy outwards to a greater or lesser extent but not this type. They only and wholly have the capacity to receive.  They can take all you’ve got in double and then more and more and more. That is what they do.  Their opposite, the 4+ types, have no inlet valves, so they beam themselves out of existence with the incredible lightness of being but, 4- means ‘deep, very deep’ and very understanding. They are insatiable for energy.  With it comes wisdom. Additionally, they are, invariably, highly moralistic and correct in their demeanour.

4- may well exude a bright and breezy personality but I can assure you, whether they do or not, they will be extremely serious beneath it all. These guys are formidable. They are constantly assessing, weighing and judging everything around them.  They don’t often become leaders in the modern world although they are always striving to be top dog.  When they do, they are introspective, retiring and appear to others as controlling, deep, aloof and suspicious.  Interestingly, most of the presidents in the first seventy-five years of the modern history of the USA were 4- but there have been none in the 20th century.  In Britain, only two  – Alec Douglas-Home and Gordon Brown – have ever been prime minister of the UK and neither of them were formerly ‘elected’ by the people, having stepped into their positions due to the pressured resignation of a former incumbent.

They have great backbone and can often be found supporting the underdogs, and the most underprivileged, but not in a loud brash way.  That’s not their style at all.  They ‘receive’ not ‘transmit’ so they use their ‘receivership’ to shift the weight of interest to what needs to be done.

They are big hitters.  They can dance with the best of them but the natural state is to be serene and calm.  So, whenever they are on parade, they feign to present themselves as the same as everyone else. But they are not. They never will be. They are supremely different in that they offer others the support they need because they themselves need their emissions of light and energy.

The polarity type is set for them soley to attract.  This can make them appear serious, sometimes austere and remonstrative. They may often compensate for their lack of  with a localised vibrant personality.  In such cases, they can, and do, contribute well in groups. Indeed, they can often be found taking the lead. They are well capable of it. But the underlying fact is they are incredibly magnetically introspective and intelligent in their consideration of the forces around them because of their need to attract energy.  So, they will often suppress their own innate desire to take charge and allow others to do so even whilst ‘knowing’ they would be better in charge themselves.  They will then carry on with their own function whilst basking in the light emanating from you. It is possible, too, they are ensuring you are in the light.

They exude consideration for others but not for others’ sakes particularly, rather for their own. That does not mean they are selfish but they are self-centred in the same way as 1+/3- types in that it is ‘towards the self’. That is to say they center themselves on the basis of incoming energy.  Although they are by nature self-centered, they are not self-centred in a selfish way; quite the opposite, in fact. Both 4- and 1+/3- are extremely ‘unselfish’. They are set to use what means are at their disposal to draw the electromagnetic fields available from others.  When it does not happen, stand back, here comes some stomping of feet, the glad-rags are donned and the big, ‘let’s have a party’, attitude takes over.  They don’t like sitting-in at all.  No light.  Yes, we all need our quiet moments but rarely do 4- people welcome them.

They are also extremely kind and thoughtful.  They have a natural instinct for what is ‘required’ given most situations. It’s like an antenna for what is purposeful and what is not. This guide propels them to ensure they continue to attract the light which is their purpose. They also bring this gift to ensuring the balanced interaction between others is maintained.  What a friend to have. They won’t let you down. Heaven forbid what will happen if you let them down though.

Spirited, 4- people are very well adjusted. They have a keen sense of high moral values. Everything is advanced to best effect the laws of attraction. They are strong and appear non-violent but, exceptionally, those that do go to the dark side are capable of using the same magnetic force to deviant and devastating purpose. Thankfully, this is very rare. In a general sense they are captivating and real party-lovers; great observers and serious show-offs.  Bring on the lights and out they come. Yet, for all that, they are immensely withdrawn.  The attracters make their persona different when in public than in private.

4 Minuses

In personal relationships

In their relationships they are the best positioned of all the  types for dealing with 4+ . In conformity with the principles of magnetism, they are their direct polar opposites and whilst they may electromagnetically consume each other, this does not make them the ideal partnership. Better for 4- that there should be a little humility found in those with lots of transmitters but it should not be unlimited.

Scoring a ‘6’ on the Scales of Electromagnetic Relationships (SER – figure 2), the best and most engaging partnership for 4- is 3+/1- .  This type are great performers on the world’s stage and this provides a plentiful supply of dynamic and amusing action that the 4- craves.  Here we have a situation where the 3+/1- can pour out the energy, which the 4- can easily absorb but, at the same time, the remaining one shares the power with the 4- as they both have a receiver remaining.  In other words they are both going the same way.

The 4- with a 2+/2- (remember – the placement of the  and   does not matter) has prospects but, depending on the circumstances, I think the latter will be less interested in the former than the other way round.  Again, here we see that the sparks can be generated by the 2+/2- and be readily received by the 4-  but, after that, the balance is one of   against    and this makes for a less than dynamic situation. In fact it makes the relationship ‘pleasant’ but there is a need for a shock to stimulate it.

When there is a combination of 4- and 1+/3-  there is a natural affinity because of the one transmitter that sparks it.  However, this is not enough to light the fire and the relationship will never take off beyond friendliness. Certainly, this coupling is not destined to stay together in the one place for long.  4- types need more transmitters and although 1+/3- is attracted to 4- because they are not challenged by them, they, too, recognise they need someone with transmitters also.

As for 4- with 4- these two can rub together like two non-magnetic magnets but they are a rarity that leaves the question whether such a relationship is possible unless they live on a mountain where there’s no one else. Where is the spark to come from?  They will definitely not be ‘magnetically’ attracted to one another. Money, circumstances or privileges may prevail if there is a liaison but because the energy flow is to attract and not emit there will be nothing pulsating here and they will be like two blind sheep in a field. Magnetism aside, circumstances can always exist that make any relationship possible. It’s a case of war and peace – war in the case of 4+ with 4+ and peace in the case of 4- and 4-.


Some Famous 4- types

Bill Gates – Microsoft

Steve Jobs – Apple

Elon Musk

Henry VIII

Gordon Brown – Prime Minister of the UK

Kate Middleton – Wife of Prince William

Audrey Hepburn – Actress

Julian Assange

Arthur Ashe – Tennis Player

Edmund Hillary – Explorer

James Cagney – Actor

Harry Bellafonte – Entertainer

Diane Keaton – Actress

Peter Noone – Singer Hermans Hermits

John Adams – 2nd President of the United States

George Orwell – Writer

Albert Einstein – Scientist & Thinker

Pablo Picasso – Painter

George Harrison – The Beatles

Robin Williams – Actor

Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Senator, Sociologist

Bruce Willis – Actor

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