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5 Types – This is 1+/3-

The fundamental characteristics and behavior of individuals with a magnetic type of 1 Transmitter and 3 Receivers “1+/3-“
Remember, surface personality is the result of upbringing, experience, dna, education etc., but behind these masks is the driver – the unchangeable link of magnetite in the brain to the Earth’s magnetic field underpinning behavioural attitude.

  • feisty, forceful and generous.
  • determined, self-reliant, unyielding, strong, persistent, reserved, sophisticated and pleasure seeker.
  • capacity for absorbing energy and can become irascible when things don’t go their way.
  • demand attention and thrive on being adored.
  • charming, captivating, and make great wing-men (partners).
  • get things done!
  • draw energy toward themselves.
  • extremely methodical in getting what they want.
  • not overtly loud or attention-seeking.
  • tough and have no problem dealing with opposition but can also be vulnerable and shrink away when rejected or confronted with their own errors.
  • have a great need for personal space and independence even in relationships.
  • loyalty is important to them.
  • kind and supportive to those who measure up to their expectations but can turn sour if they feel their position is not being regained.
  • strive for peaceful co-existence but will not hesitate to assert themselves if needed.
  • ability to galvanize and attract support from others toward themselves rather than a cause.
  • seek approval and want to be loved more than any other type.
  • like to be in the forefront while maintaining a private life.
  • reliable and committed but expect the same level of commitment from others.
  • deliberate, cautious and refined in their behavior.
  • appear cool and aloof and value correctness and propriety
  • lead well when given the opportunity but are not necessarily seekers of leadership positions.
  • very comfortable in their own skin.
  • complex personality that combines strength with vulnerability
  • captivating and charming in their interactions with others.
    Overall, 1+/3- individuals are determined, magnetic, and seek attention and adoration.

Feisty! That is the perfect word to describe individuals with the magnetic polarity of “+ – – -,” which consists of three receivers and one transmitter. It may seem counterintuitive at first, as one might expect the more extroverted combinations like “3+/1-” to be fiery. However, this configuration exudes a quiet and subdued intensity, like smoldering embers. Unlike their direct opposites, “3+/1-,” they can erupt suddenly and without warning, individuals with “+ – – -” have a great capacity for absorbing energy. Consequently, they can become irascible when things don’t go their way, demanding attention and thriving on adoration.

These individuals crave the spotlight, not for its own sake, but because it illuminates them. This is in stark contrast to their opposite the “3+/1-,” who excel in the limelight but prefer to let their position or role take center stage. As a result, people with “+ – – -” are often the most personable and charming among the five magnetic types. Once they capture your attention, you will be completely captivated by their enthralling presence. They also make great wing-men or wing-women, providing exceptional support and companionship.

The energy source for individuals with “+ – – -” is directed towards the receptive. In contrast to their opposite who project their electromagnetic force field outward and visibly, this group is subtle and can draw energy towards themselves for a specific purpose. They possess a lethal combination of charm and persuasion, using it strategically to achieve their objectives. They are meticulous and leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of what they want.

While they may not be the life of the party, individuals with “+ – – -” are excellent party participants and warm party hosts. Their gracious and smooth engagement with others adds a touch of elegance to any gathering. They never overshadow others and remain acutely aware of how they are perceived, maximizing the attention and adoration they naturally seek. If they sense a lack of adoration, they will persistently seek to regain it and may become sour if they feel it is not forthcoming. However, this behavior is not inherently negative; it is simply their way of attracting energy.

These individuals are exceptionally resilient and have no trouble dealing with obstinacy or opposition. They confront challenges head-on, often leaving their opponents speechless. Yet, they can easily be wounded and retreat when rejected, defeated, or confronted with an error they cannot defend. They may withdraw and nurse their wounds, projecting an air of vulnerability, although they are fully capable of taking care of themselves.

The energy source for individuals with “+ – – -” is potent, providing them with the strength to drive forward and absorb the pressures that come with it. In moments of quiet reflection, they may chastise themselves or grapple with doubts. However, they hide these vulnerabilities from the outside world, but those who know them well can sense it. They have a keen ability to understand the inner workings of others and can use this insight to their advantage when necessary.

Their generosity stems from their inherent receptiveness. They have a vast capacity for absorbing the energy of the world around them. Unlike individuals with “0+/4-” (four receivers), who are generally benign, “+ – – -” individuals possess teeth and can use them if necessary. They are exceptionally kind and supportive to those who meet their standards. They strive for peaceful coexistence but will not hesitate to take a strong stance if they feel their position has not been regained. While they may turn their back on those who disappoint them, taking their head off figuratively is the least of one’s worries.

When it comes to relationships, individuals with “+ – – -” are warm, friendly, and engaging. 

Famous 1+/3- Oprah Winfrey David Beckham Cate Blanchett Brad Pitt Mother Theresa Daniel Craig Ricky Gervais Margaret Thatcher Arnold Schwarzennegar Tom Hanks Meg Ryan Nora Ephron Graham Norton Dominic Cummings Morgan Freeman Heath Ledger Ringo Starr