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5 Types – This is 3+/1-

3 Pluses 1 Minus

The fundamental characteristics and behavior of individuals with a magnetic type of 1 Transmitter and 3 Receivers “1+/3-“
Remember, surface personality is the result of upbringing, experience, dna, education etc., but behind these masks is the driver – the unchangeable link of magnetite in the brain to the Earth’s magnetic field underpinning behavioural attitude.

  • forthright in actions while also being non-aggressive.
  • well-balanced, friendly, and possessing audacity without fierceness.
  • ability for taking the lead with aplomb when necessary but not always seeking the spotlight.
  • light and positive outlook
  • love the limelight
  • tend to be private in their personal lives.
  • invariably truthful, reliable, and duty-bound.
  • tendency to speak their minds and are clear about their intentions.
  • appear wary or reticent to express themselves but they do not shy away from stating their case when necessary.
  • survivors who withstand pressure and adapt to changes in fortune. 
  • down-to-earth and genuine, showing no airs or graces behind closed doors.
  • natural inclination to defend the indefensible
  • will always make efforts to restore harmony.
  • natural ability to engage with others and bring light to any situation
  • value their privacy and inner stability.
  • extremely sociable and easy-going and enjoy engaging with others, exhibiting a nervy type of energy.
  • equally adept at playing the quiet person in the corner.
  • natural leaning to project themselves and shine in the limelight.
  • able to turn adversity into advantage
  • resistant to criticism.
  • problem-solvers who tackle challenges head-on.
  • able to listen and engage with others
  • possess great capacity to defuse tense situations.
  • natural feeling of loyalty and faithfulness
  • attracted to shiny lights and enjoy attention
  • foolhardy and don’t consider the consequences of their choices.
    Overall,  3+/1- individuals are outgoing, friendly, honest, resilient, and adaptable.

When considering individuals with the polarity pattern of “+ + + -,” it may be easy to make assumptions based on their surface personality traits. However, it is important to remember that these traits are a result of their underlying code rather than a direct reflection of who they truly are. The code determines their core innate self, and while the pattern of “4+/0-” may give a certain impression, the real essence of a person can only be revealed through familiarity.

Individuals with a pattern of “3+/1-” are characterized by their forthrightness and non-aggressiveness. They possess a perfect balance between taking the lead when necessary and not being overly assertive. They are friendly and well-rounded, exhibiting audacity without fierceness, unlike the “4+/0-” types. Interestingly, they are the complete opposite of their direct opposites, the “1+/3-” types, who are centered on themselves rather than the object of their interest.

“3+/1-” individuals have a light and positive outlook on life. Although they are not exhibitionists or boastful, their extroverted nature may give the impression that they seek attention. They are highly capable and independent, fearlessly taking on challenges, sometimes even biting off more than they can chew. However, their self-awareness allows them to handle such situations and their consequences with ease if necessary.

They are straightforward and unreserved about their intentions, often expressing themselves honestly without seeking personal attention. Their focus is on the issues that interest or irritate them, rather than on themselves. While they may appear reticent at times, when pressed or compelled by circumstances, they are unstoppable in stating their case. They are known for their truthfulness, particularly to themselves, which can make them seem bold in their remarks. They are reliable and committed to their duties, whether toward others or themselves, often accepting their fate and occasionally showing some incoherence and excess when they lose self-control.

In their private lives, “3+/1-” types are excellent conversationalists and display a light-hearted and witty demeanor. However, they may project an image of separateness or detachment in public. They are not perturbed by others’ opinions of their words or actions because, for them, the truth holds paramount importance. This gives them immense strength to navigate through any situation, focusing on their own plan.

While there can be variations in their public persona, there is always a consistent outlook in their private lives. They are down-to-earth individuals who strive to live in the real world and avoid pretentiousness, especially when behind closed doors.

They are self-assured and private, not seeking public adoration despite any talent or position they may possess. If they receive attention, it is typically a result of their circumstances, but they remain unaffected by it once the spotlight fades. They possess the resilience to face tough situations and can adapt to changes in fortune better than most. Examples like Christopher Reeves, Jonathan Aitken, and Jeffrey Archer demonstrate their ability to accept and navigate through dramatic shifts in their lives, leveraging them to their advantage. They approach such challenges with quiet aplomb, dignity, and resignation.

The essential trait of the “3+/1-” type is their big personality tempered by a strong sense of privacy. They have a natural ability to defend the indefensible and, if proven wrong, they can easily let go and move forward. They exude openness, warmth, and friendliness, embracing an in-your-face attitude. Despite silently enduring the trials and tribulations around them, they always strive for harmony. They possess a sense of instinctive “knowing” what is right and have little inclination for deceit. They may occasionally exaggerate their abilities, but they are generally knowledgeable individuals with a good understanding of various topics.

Famous 3+/1- John Lennon Abraham Lincoln Judy Dench Sean Connery Tilda Swinton Bill Clinton Vladimir Putin John F. Kennedy Albino Luciani Neil Armstrong Stephen Hawking Liz Taylor Winston Churchill Shere Hite Oliver Cromwell Paul Newman Boris Johnson