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5 Types – This is 4+/0-

4 Pluses


The fundamental characteristics and behavior of individuals with a magnetic type of 4 Transmitters and 0 Receivers “4+/0-.”
Remember, surface personality is the result of upbringing, experience, dna, education etc., but behind these masks is the driver – the unchangeable link of magnetite in the brain to the Earth’s magnetic field underpinning behavioural attitude.

  • strong sense of determination and can be stubborn.
  • friendly and enjoy interacting with people, often displaying a child-like honesty.
  • incredible energy and are constantly seeking new challenges and experiences.
  • outgoing and expressive but may not always have a blazing personality.
  • extroverts, full of energy and occasionally displaying a hint of menace.
  • dedicated and committed to their tasks but their straightforward and sometimes outspoken nature can lead to offense or hurt feelings, even though it’s not their intention.
  • thrive in the company of others and feel energized in new relationships and social settings.
  • often seen as big personalities, making grand entrances and commanding attention.
  • sharp, perceptive, and quick in their thinking.
  • rigid faith in themselves and can sometimes dismiss others’ thoughts and opinions.
  • self-centered and may have difficulty being team players, preferring to be in charge and have things done their way. They can also withdraw and go it alone when necessary.
  • Loyalty not their strongest suit but they are ‘intention-driven’.
  • don’t absorb external influences like others do due to a lack of a “Receiver” in their makeup.
  • use what they hear, and see it as ammunition in their interactions, striking back like a bat hitting a ball.
  • disinterested in anything but their own goals and self-centeredness.
  • generous but it may sometimes be a means to control or manipulate others.
  • single-minded and highly focused.
  • intense, energetic, and emit a constant flow of energy.
  • commit themselves wholeheartedly to their chosen objectives and are often successful in their endeavors.
  • soloists, standing apart from groups and bouncing off people rather than integrating with them.
  • appear lonely and disinterested in anything but their own pursuits.
  • strong desire to be part of the group but ultimately remain separate, serving others as a pinnacle.
    Overall, 4+/0- individuals are intense, energetic, and emit a constant flow of energy, having no input valve 


People with four poles of “+ + + +” can be described as “powerhouses” or “energetic achievers.” They possess a strong drive for order and are often patiently waiting for the right moment to act with determination. Despite their friendly and surface-level nature, they are known for their incredible energy and child-like honesty in their interactions with others.

However, it is noteworthy that individuals with this polarity often struggle to reach the top positions of authority. This can be attributed to their inability to hide their honest endeavors, which can sometimes annoy others and create obstacles in their path. Nevertheless, once they do reach the top, they exhibit qualities of tenacity, composure, and occasionally, ruthlessness.

It is important to recognize that not all individuals with this polarity possess a blazing or extroverted personality. They can vary in their demeanor, as exemplified by J. Craig Venter, the man behind the human genome project, who is described as personable, reserved, softly spoken, and subdued. On the other hand, individuals like Oliver Reed, known for their loud and brash nature, showcase a different side of this electromagnetic field (EMF) type. Despite these differences, the common underlying trait is a serious, dedicated, and committed approach to any task they undertake.

The flow of their electromagnetic pulse drives them to thrive on self-expression and engaging with others. They are always transmitting rather than receiving, seeking no respite or withdrawal from the challenges of daily life. They possess an abundance of unrestrained, nervous energy beneath their surface, akin to a volcano ready to erupt. This intense energy can sometimes lead them to inadvertently hurt or offend others, although their intention is to be straightforward and honest.

They have a natural inclination to reach out to others, seeing each encounter as an opportunity for new connections and possibilities. They are eager to engage and communicate, and they energize in the presence of crowds, particularly when it involves new company. While they may appear laid back, they are often pushy in their pursuits and can come across as an unstoppable force. Their energy and drive make them impressive individuals who leave a lasting impact.

These individuals are not always team players and can be self-centered, preferring to be in charge. However, they possess colorful personalities and thrive in group situations. They have a unidirectional approach, expecting things to be done their way. Despite this, they are also capable of withdrawing from the crowd and embracing solitude.

A defining characteristic of this EMF polarity type is the absence of a “Receiver” within their makeup. This means they lack the ability to absorb external influences, although they are still affected by them. Instead, they use what they perceive to parry back, much like a bat striking a ball. This targeted approach contributes to their focused and obsessive nature.

They are single-minded individuals who commit themselves wholeheartedly to their goals. Their unwavering dedication ensures their success, regardless of the field or profession they pursue. Although they may appear to blend in with the crowd, they always stand apart as soloists. They bounce off people rather than integrating with them, giving rise to a sense of disinterest in anything but their own objectives. It is not selfishness but self-centeredness, driven by their inability to receive external influences.

These individuals can display generosity, but it may be fueled by their desire to find flaws in others. They may become devoted to specific individuals and seek to control or manipulate them, believing that their way is the only way. Loyalty may not be their strongest suit, but their intention remains steadfast.

Their outspokenness and disregard for consequences can sometimes lead them to be perceived as dangerous with their words. They act and speak without considering the impact on others, solely focused on their own position.

Famous 4+/0- Theodore Roosevelt Pearl Bailey Prince Aretha Franklin Emily Dickinson Annie Oakley Clint Eastwood Chuck Berry Paul McCartney Craig Venter Sandra Bullock Brian Wilson Donald Trump John McEnroe Debbie Reynolds David Cameron Tony Blackburn Oliver Reed