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Life Lesson & the 1%

The population of the UK is 66m. Have you ever thought how many people have in all of history ever risen to a level of memory or knowledge in the public psyche? Have a guess!  I don’t know myself. I doubt you do. Yet those who have risen to such heights whether for something horrible, vile, successful, accomplished, heralded etc., etc., seem to be what everyone aspires to. Yes, even the evil ones amongst us have become acknowledged forever by their actions.  So, let me ask again, how many?  I don’t think there are enough to reach any level of recognition but humour me for a moment. Would you think maybe 10,000? 50,000? Let’s go off the scale and say 100,000 people have risen to a level we all aspire to that ensures their state in human consciousness and, for the most, memory too from time immemorial to now.

I can hear you saying wha? No way! There must be millions. I suggest you think how many a number of 100,000 is and try and see if you can collect even 1% of this number to a recognisable state.

Then think of this…

100,000 out of all humans who have ever existed in the UK human psyche in all time, out of the current population of 66m, leaves 55,900,000 nonenties. And you think, when you’re in school, that YOU can make a difference. YOU think that your voice matters. YOU think that your vote is important. YOU think the world revolves around you.

When you see that, in black and white, you can see, immediately, why you don’t, and never will make a difference.  You will also see why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And you will also see why there is and will always remain the 1%.