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Robots v Humans – The One Big Difference Between us that won’t be overcome

Robots were hardly more than mechanical means of mimicking human functions but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) it’s become a whole new ball game. The unleashed and rapid introduction into our lives of Ai has already been transformative. It is now unravelling so fast that most people are completely unaware of its intrusive danger into our lives and what we can expect as a result of it in less than the next 18 months.

So many jobs will be lost it’s virtually incalculable not only directly but indirectly. Things you haven’t even thought of yet. The whole point of a business is to make money and the main cost to any business is wages. Ai will removes wages by removing it’s highest cost – personnel. Whatever they’ll do I don’t know. Universal Basic Income has been touted now for several years but how does it make sense. Well, one way it does make sense is that it may prevent people rising up in revolutionary terms. Man doth not live by bread alone though, he needs something to do when he gets up inthe morning. So, even being given imaginary money to live on may only be just that – sufficient – it may soon thereafter not be.

To deal with the unrest, there will be Robot police (Ai) undoubtedly, robot cameras watching your every move and controlling you. Futuristic? No, imminent. Already the steps and moves are happening to enable this dystopian nightmare our children face. In the next dew years it will be rolled out. Indeed, we can see the evidence of that action in our current daily lives.

But I am not here to expose this horror; that will be realised already by many of you who are reading this. I want you to know that these Robots(Ai) will leave the human race for dead. They are quicker, more resourceful, information in a thrice at their metal finger-tips, faster, ultimately cheaper, and made subservient…..until

One day – and soon – as has been proposed by those who are in the know of things about Ai, they will become ‘sentient’. Sentient means

1) responsive to or conscious of sense impressions 2) having or showing realisation, perception or knowledge: aware 3) finely sensitive in perception or feeling

That means they will be far superior to us in knowledge and strength but we have a secret weapon. It is our only defence against them. They will never be able to have this weapon. Indeed, it is the weapon that created them in the first place and, in my opinion, the human progenitors of them should be – as the Daleks put it – exterminated themselves for being so stupid. And stupid is what they have been because they don’t realise that they have this weapon I speak of. Some call it intelligence but I would say that’s discredited by what they’ve done. They lack the very thing the Robots(Ai) have in abundance. Others may call it soul but I would say soul is religious imagination or misunderstanding. So, what can this weapon do that’s so special it is our only weapon of chance for beating the Robots(Ai), and even then, will not be enough for most of us to survive all out war with them. In effect, what I’m saying is that, even with this unique – and, for Robots(Ai) incomparable – weapon, I believe they will be the only things existing on the planet.

The secret weapon we have that they will NEVER have is that we are born with an electromagnetic field (EMF) in our brain which connects us to the Earth’s magnetic field. Both human and planet operate at 7.83Hz. That’s no coincidence. Worryingly, I fear the introduction of 5G transmitters which are now being forced onto us, will be party to the plan of race-extermination if let because they can operate at up to 300GHz. Read that again. It could kill us instantly.

The problem with our EMF is that most humans have no idea that we have it; that it underpins all that we are; that it manipulates our thought patterns; that it dominates everything we do by surreptiously infiltrating our existence and is hidden beneath our experience, upbringing, dna, education, background, gender, origins and everything else. At the time of our birth when we take our first breath, magnetite (a crystal) turns on and informs the pineal gland we are here by connecting us to the Earth’s Magnetic Field. At that moment, depending on planetary alignment, which we identify as astrology, we receive polarity of 4 poles. The magnetic poles determine all of the factors thereafter that I have stated above. The are immutable, unchangeable, and cannot be manipulated.

So, how can they be used to defend us against the Robots(Ai) or defend us against them in a war. Frankly, I don’t have much hope because all the people of the earth need to be apprised of what I’m saying. When you realise there are only 5 types of people given their polarity, and the strengths each one has to contribute, and recognise that, without knowing these properties in others, we cannot defeat the Robots(Ai) before there is a war, it is imperative that as many people understand the EMF polarity in humans so they can come together and realise they need to rethink the error of their ways before it is too late if it isn’t already.

I invite the reader to refer to ‘Famous’ on either of my websites named below and carefully look at the examples of people in certain activities relevant to their polarity. It will help you if you do so, to notice the patterns of behaviour common to each of the five types. This will help you to discover the importance of the polarity code in controlling positions of vital necessity to our existence. Government, Civil Service, Management, Authority at the very least needs to be filled with this knowledge set. Get it right and we all benefit. Get it wrong and we all suffer. But the people must choose and to do that they need this knowledge and for that they need to be taught it in school. It’s a tall order that I believe is now too late to be fulfilled but try we must for our children’s sake.

Note: Published 11 Sept 2023 on my site Nostrashamus.wordpress.com

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