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Type 1



Feisty! That is the best word to describe those whose magnetic polarity is made up of three receivers and one transmitter. It may seem strange to say that. It might appear to be more appropriate for their direct opposites, but unlike them, it is a quiet, subdued, smoldering fieriness.  can erupt almost without warning.

They have a great capacity for absorbing energy so, unsurprisingly, they can become very irascible when they want things to go their own way. They demand attention and thrive on being adored.  They need the light and will do anything to attract it, not for itself, but so it can highlight them.  This is totally unlike their direct opposites, the heavily dynamic who, paradoxically, shun away from the limelight even though they shine in its light like the Greatest Showman, letting their position or role take the beam and not them. No, to this end, people are entirely centrist and can be the most personable and charming of all the five magnetic types. Once they capture your attention you will be completely captivated. They can be absolutely enthralling and make great wing-men.

The energy source here is toward the receptive.  Their opposites, , are all very forward and loud with their EMF, even ‘obvious’, but not this group who are very subtle to a point and then WHAM!  The key magnetic trait that derives from the electromagnetic force field here is to draw the energy so it can be put to some useful purpose to them.  And they can produce a lethal cocktail of charm and persuasion to achieve their objective in whatever way it suits them.  In addition, they can be extremely methodical in getting what they want.  No stone is left unturned.

They are not the overt, life and soul, of a party but they are great party participants. No party should ever be without them as they can be gracious and smooth in their engagement with others. Never are they too loud. They are too centrist to not always remain aware of how they are being perceived so that they can continue to maximise on the attention or adoration they naturally demand.  Whenever they find such adoration missing, they will blatantly persist to recover it, and could turn  sour if they think it is not going to be forthcoming.  This may sound negative but it is quite the opposite. It’s just what they do – attract energy!

They are very, very tough and have no problems dealing with obstinacy or bolshy opposition, usually meeting it head-on knocking its two front teeth out, if it can be done.  Yet, they easily melt when they have been rejected, beaten or confronted by an unpardoned or unpardonable error discovered in their behaviour, which they cannot defend.  They tend to shrink away to lick their wounds like a scolded cat. This gives them an air of vulnerability, which is another of their attractors although they are well able to take care of themselves.

The energy source here is very powerful because it provides people of this dynamic with the strength to drive forward and the ability to absorb the pressures that come when doing so.  In quiet reflective moments, they will chastise themselves or feel racked by doubt but to the outside world this will be heavily masked and few ever get to see it.  However, it is always evident in their manner to everyone who knows them well. They are able to home in on the souls of others around them and can be deadly accurate in using this against their prey whenever the need arises.

The expression of generosity they show is rooted in the payback clause of their blueprint.  Remember they are mainly receivers.  They have huge capacity for absorbing the energy of the world around them.  Unlike those with four receivers who are, ironically, really benign and behave, comparatively, like toothless tigers, this group has teeth and can use them.

Not only super-sweet when they want to be, they are drawn to loyalty.  They are also great separatists and individualists, like their opposites.  In one to one relationships, their partner is usually retained as long as the partner remains completely loyal and devoted to them, for they will always remain completely loyal to their partner. Why look elsewhere when you have already got the commitment needed to keep the ego going!  Even if you have been indiscreet and caught out,  people may still suffer you as part of their ploy to regain your affection and loyalty.  But, watch out, in such cases you will always be on notice. However, they are extremely kind and supportive to those who measure up.  They will always strive for peaceful co-existence but, when push comes to shove, they will not hesitate a minute to take your head off if you have not regained your position in their eyes.  Turning their back on you will be the least of your worries.

They sit comfortably with, rather than be energised by, other people with the same dynamic profile.  Usually where a physical relationship exists, they will need to have a good deal of their own independence.  Otherwise there will be mighty clashes.  Although they easily gravitate towards their own electro-magnetic type, recognising the similar force in the other, two with the same profile (i.e.  with  the placement does not matter) will not make an ideal relationship unless there is plenty of material comfort to enable the individuals to retreat to their own environs because they are both pulling from the same source.

They are warm, friendly, engaging individuals who like to take charge of situations but underlining this stance is their absolute requirement to have someone else in the wings to whom they can address themselves as though they, their close associates, are in charge.  They try to be open and honest in their dealings with others but the energy source can make them as cute as needs be to a) ensure that they continue to be respected and b) stay in charge.

They smart easily and like to have their time-outs to sort themselves out, returning to the fray as though butter would not melt in their mouths.  When they greet you, they are always open, fulsome, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Smiling and beguiling, they are interested in you and make you feel like you could be the most important person in the world.  They are wonderful hosts and hostesses, letting you get on with it.  Once they have greeted you with all these smarts at the door, you are basically left to your own devices, not quite forgotten about, just left to your own devices in direct contrast with the greeting you had on the door.  ‘Occasional nod and: “alright?” – that’s it! What more do you want? After all, you are really there as a boost to their need, not the other way around. All the time you will be monitored from afar without knowing it.

As well as everything else and, notwithstanding some of the major personalities who have risen to the top of the pile here, they are self-doubting when they are in a leadership position, needing plenty of comfort and support and ego massaging to hold the line.  If it is not there it can lead to them making an exit to quietly get on with things to suit themselves. That said, all of them are extremely reliable and rarely exude an ambitious streak although they always know where they want to be.

Some of the most principled and determined characters in recent history have had this configuration.  And they all attract ‘ready-to-die-for-them’ devotees.  They all carry the same magnetic polarity that provides for a style of behaviour, which enables them to deal with life’s little turns in a very particular fashion – true grit!

people, by their behaviour, attract, if not demand, total devotion.  This striving to be looked up to or liked can be seen in many high-profile entertainers, leaders and very successful people.  They can galvanise or move large numbers of people in response to themselves.  Whether they do it by writing, politics, sport, acting, adventure or whatever, they have the innate capacity to magnetically draw massive support to their thought processes.  Unlike the  group who attract attention to a cause rather than themselves,  these types conversely draw support only towards themselves like metal filings to a magnet.  If things do not accede to their wishes, watch out!

Unlike  group whose war cry could be “And what do I get out of this?”, those who are are less selfish in that way, because they are always seeking approval from their constituency.  They feel the need to be loved more than any other type.  Outside their constituency they can be merciless.

They are often generous to a fault to those they find favour with.  I guess that could be said to be true for all of us but, again, the underlying factor here is that the generosity shown is a vehicle created to enable the receivers to be fed with energy.   need an awful lot of input.  That one  they have ensures they are expulsing sufficient waves of electromagnetic energy to keep the fires burning with reciprocation in triplicate.

They can be daring, seemingly fearless, bellicose almost, who love to be in the forefront of whatever they are doing.  No shrinking violets these but they do also like to be part of the machine and even the machine itself.  Obviously, there are a lot of front line personalities in this group, just as there are in others, but  like to keep their private lives private whilst keeping up appearances in the daily grind.

They behave in such ways as to attract others to want to help them or inspire others to be confident in them. In public, the impression they give is that they are stable.  They are not given to be over-elaborate in their behaviour during times of normal circumstances.  This is all seen by other non  people as a modest and temperate attitude that enables  to imperceptibly ingratiate themselves into favourable positions.  Not a bad talent to have!

Beneath the laissez-faire, first-impression, these guys are tough and resilient.  Unlike their polar opposites, , they can, and do, stand their ground. Even when they are wrong they can somehow muster the strength to continue the combat.  Another thing about them is that more than any of the others, when they give their commitment, they give their whole commitment unreservedly. It’s quite a thing in this sometimes shallow world of ours.  However, you are always on red alert to deliver what they need when they need it.  In other words, their commitment to you demands your wholehearted commitment to them. Well, it’s only fair anyway.  Whereas their kindred spirits in the  group, who share the same side of the magnetic pole equation, and who are also loyal beyond the pale, would condemn you if you ailed them, these types resign themselves to their great disappointment in you. It can be quite a withering feeling.

The whole raison d’etre of the magnificent  is about drawing energy or other people’s polarity towards themselves. That does not mean they are selfish. Not at all! In fact, they can undoubtedly be as generous as anyone else. No, it means they are centered on themselves or self-motivated. They are the absolute antithesis to their polar opposites, who generate energy patterns away from themselves but love the limelight.  people’s energy patterns draw other forces towards themselves. Their one  beams away as and when they wish to attract the energy they need.  This makes them appear thoughtful, introspective and, seemingly, ponderous. They may be brilliant or stupid, happy or sad, rich or poor but they all strive to fit-in.

Due to the magnetic flow they are not impulsive. They are slow and deliberate in their processes; judicious, cautious, predominantly passive, and refined.  The personality their EMF engenders is not outward and overwhelming but rather inward, comfortable and pleasant. When they smile, they beam. When the are sullen, they have a look about them that declares “I know what I want” and “I know where I am”.  When denied their rights, they can turn on you quicker than a hissing rattler.

They are very correct and proper. They can be recognised as the backbone of any organisation. They are diligent and reliable in their attention to detail. In most of their dealings they would like to be thought of as above reproach.  And, in the main, they will always appear cool and aloof.  They are not given to trail-blazing but can lead well when the opportunity arises. It isn’t something they particularly seek but they are extremely capable of it when it comes their way.  Because of their low-key image, they can be overlooked when it comes to honours but when the accolades are gone and they are gone too, they expose a ‘missing link’ about themselves as the noticeable absence of the enormous power they brought to the situation. They are truly towering in strength.  They are comfortable in their own skin that is caused by the inward stream of electromagnetic energy from all around them. They don’t have to do much to collect what they need.

Now, in case I have given the impression that  cannot be leading lights, here’s a few of these shining lights for you to get over; Maggie Thatcher, Elton John, Princess Diana, Richard Burton, Catherine Zeta-Jones and David Beckham are but a very few.  Pretty powerful eh!  But look again and think carefully how private they actually are in their normal lives and how they each had or have a loyal strong partner for moral support.  The ever inward direction of the force field makes them ‘quiet’ and ‘reflective’ whilst their role-play makes them appear dynamic for a time. If they tire, as they easily do, they become ebullient and grumpy.

They need their space. They are also well-grounded, strong-willed and responsible.  Consistent, hard-working and geared for success. Ever so serene. I am reminded of the adage: “Still waters run deep”.

In personal relationships

Do they go well together?  I mean do they link well with others who are also the same type?  Frankly, not as well as they should.  They tend to get on each other’s nerves and, eventually, if together, they live solo lives within the coupling to allow the space to evolve to enable the ‘being together’.  They will need to have material support for this to happen really successfully.  If not, their chances of experiencing a long-term happy relationship are challenging as feuds will be often.  Each of them will be expecting the other to do what is necessary rather than they, themselves, doing it. Nevertheless, there is a natural attraction between them because they are made of the same material but, whenever it does happen, two separate lives must exist like two railway tracks sharing the link boards. These types really need someone with at least two and preferably three  (Transmitters) for ignition. Someone with four  will totally overpower them although they are naturally attracted to them but 1  people can absorb the blaze of light, suppressing their own individuality in the process. This can lead to a dictatorship about the house and ‘it ain’t them’!

On the other hand,  people will never match with them for long spells because of the lack of spontaneous response from the cool and aloof  on the Scales of Electromagnetism (SER figure 2) and, although they often click, I believe it is more often because of security than magnetism.

They can have the ultimate relationship with their polar opposites . It offers a perfect balance. Watch out though because there is an in-built, self-destruct mechanism in this coupling. This means they are in constant danger of transforming this natural relationship success into failure. Whilst  and  make for a 7 / on the electromagnetic scales of relationships, they can tire their opposites rather than their opposites tiring them. This is the only time when 7’s, on the scale, break down.  7 is the only shared point on the scale being the same from the Active  or Passive  side.

 types are very promising in the relationship stakes.  They have the right balance for an even keel.  The extra  in the polarity gives the relationship what it doesn’t have with others but not so much as to stimulate it to over-dynamism – something the  don’t like for too long as they like their peace and quiet moments

Note: The placement of the plus is of no consequence.

Some Famous 

Oprah Winfrey – Show Host

David Beckham – Footballer

Cate Blanchett – Actress

Brad Pitt – Actor

Mother Theresa – Charity Worker

Daniel Craig – Actor

Ricky Gervais – Comedian

Margaret Thatcher – Prime Minister

Arnold Schwarzennegar – Actor/Governor

Tom Hanks – Actor

Meg Ryan – Actress

Nora Ephron – Writer

Graham Norton – TV & Radio Presenter

Morgan Freeman – Actor

Heath Ledger – Actor

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