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Type 3


You might think I am going to suggest that you put your dark glasses on for crash, bang, wallop, here come the bobby dazzlers; especially, after what I said about the  types!  Not a chance.  Stand down.  Remember, surface personality is not a direct reflection of the code but a result of it.  The code predetermines the core innate self. For example,  might give you the impression of what you think a  person must be like and vice versa.  It’s only an impression – the real them will be revealed to you by familiarity. So, whilst  may be the life and soul of any party, they are also more often the quiet ones in the corner when the party is over. These people are unquestionably forthright in whatever they are doing, but they are also incredibly non-aggressive. They would make a great rugby Fly-Half, American Quarterback or Center half in football.  They will certainly take the lead if it is there for the taking but, equally, they will not be the first to come forward to claim the right. They are extremely well balanced and friendly.  They have all of the audacity and none of the fierceness of  types and – to be expected in the world of magnetism – they are the complete antithesis of their direct opposites, the , who are centered on themselves rather than the object of their interest.  types have a very light, positive outlook and attitude.  At the same time they are not exhibitionists nor do they ever boast or swagger, but they appear to be stage-‘huggers’ because they are extroverted. In the modern idiom they are “cool”.  They are fiercely able and individualistic people. Nothing is too daunting for them.  Often, they will take on more than they can chew because of that. But as they are not self-delusional they can deal with it, or the outcome of it, should it prove necessary to do so. They are clinical and clear about their intentions and will not be shy about letting them be known either.  They have a tendency to say it like it is, that is whenever they bother to say anything at all because, although they are engaging, they are not seekers of attention to themselves.  The attention they seek, if at all, is towards the issue itself that irritates or interests them.  In the main they behave as though they may be wary or reticent to give utterances. However, when pressed to do so, or coerced by circumstances into doing so, nothing will prevent them from stating the case. I think they are the most truthful of all types, certainly to themselves, and therefore they can appear to be free with their remarks. They are completely reliable and duty-bound, whether it may be to others or themselves, which can often be the case. They are great at accepting their fate and can show a little incoherence and excess when they lose their self-control.  are extremely able and good conversationalists in their private lives but often to the outside world they invariably project an image of separateness or detachment.  They are unperturbed by the opinions of others about something they do or say.  After all, when it’s the truth, why should the feelings of others bother you? This gives them immeasurable strength to carry out the plan, their plan…maybe. With  people there can be extremes of public persona but always a common outlook in private.  They can be witty and light-hearted but, away from the public view, they are extremely private, temperate individuals. They are very down-to-earth, always friendly and trying to live in the real world as real people. There will be no airs and graces especially behind closed doors from this polarity type. They are intensely self-assured and private. They have no need to seek public adoration.  That may come as a result of the position they are in or the talent they show but, after the show is over, so are they – over you! One over-riding factor in their electromagnetic make-up is that they are born survivors. And, after that, if the going is too tough even for them, they have the necessary reserves to switch out the lights. They are able, keen, quick and determined and better than anyone else at withstanding the pressures of a change in fortune.  Witness to this fact are Christopher Reeves who, so stoically, dealt with being paralysed from the neck down, and the cases of Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer, both of whom are  and faced the trauma of prison with a certain air of dignity having once held such lofty high positions.  Many a person might have been expected to completely buckle under such dramatic changes of fortune but they not only succeeded in not doing so, they actually accepted it for what it was and, thereby, turned the situation to any advantage they could make of it.  When the going gets really tough and there is absolutely no way out they just shrug their shoulders, smile and face the situation with quiet aplomb. This then is the essential trait in this type – big persona tempered by the word ‘private’ writ large across their foreheads; this far and no further.  That is why they have a natural ability to be able to defend the indefensible and if finally proven wrong they turn on their heels, – ‘the matter is to be ignored from now on’ – and that is the end of that. In summary, there is openness, warmth and friendliness. It’s an in-your-face type attitude.  Quietly suffering the slings and arrows around them, but always striving for placation.  They have a sense of instinctively “knowing” what is right.  There is not much skulduggery here.  What you see is what you get.  They can be a bit over the top about their innate abilities but why not? Haven’t we all at some time?  They are pretty rounded characters, and knowledgeable too.  It may not necessarily be in-depth but they will have a good idea about most things.  Because of the honesty factor, when they are driven to the other side they can be very honestly hurtful.  No sooner done than they will make every effort to claw their way back to the status quo. They are very expulsive, meaning they are very sociable animals.  Some might tell you they hate a party, or going out but, trust me, they love to mix and give vent to their smarts and exchange with all the world. They have a nervy type of energy.  Their one   (Receiver) ensures they are able to listen to what you have to say too but they usually use that just to stimulate their own cogitations on the subject matter under discussion.  No party should be without them.  They make it balance. So, it’s lights, camera, action!  They love the limelight – while it lasts.  They have a fantastic propensity for shining when the light falls on them.  It is in their entire make-up to project themselves.  They are no shrinking violets. However, by a quirk of nature, because they like to impress, they are nervous about getting things right and until they do they can give the impression of being those ‘shrinking violets’.  Once they are sure of what they are doing, there is no holding them back from the limelight.  Having said that, you would think they would fall apart once the circus has moved on to somewhere else but here is where the real power of  rests for they are completely unfazed at its passing as though it were a burden.  The reason why they can do this with such ease is because it is their natural state to ‘beam’.  So, whether there is a large audience or not, indeed, sometimes, even if there is no audience at all, they continue to beam in their ‘beingness’.  So, being robbed of the spotlight is of no importance to them although obviously it is only natural that they would like it to continue for as long as possible.  people are great party animals. This does not mean to imply they are frivolous.  Some of them are incredibly serious people whilst most of them show their seriousness in their application to any task that befalls them. Whether they are on the world stage, or anything less, they approach everything with a light-hearted, outward expression and a highly composed, inward stability of true grit. They tackle problems head-on. It’s all the same to them whether it be problems created for them or problems of their own making; they are resistant to slings and arrows. They bear all misfortune almost with a shrug.  As I mentioned, the one inlet valve they have – the  in their polarity code – acts like a sensor to stimulate them to respond to the world around them.  It accumulates information which they can absorb and use to supply the huge energy source in their   transmitters.  The predominance of the transmitters ensures they never cease beaming.  Unlike  who have no receivers and therefore do not take other energy in,  delight in having their one receiver  because it feeds their desire to express themselves with as much panache as they can muster.  That one receiver makes them the most engaging of the five types in their ability to address any of the other four types. They instinctively know exactly what they are doing, where they are going, what they are out to achieve and how they will do it.  In most cases, they won’t or can’t be told anything. Also, they are the best of all types in rebuffing criticism. It’s simply another feeder to their transmitters. Still, like everyone, they blush, they get things wrong, they make mistakes, they fail to achieve their objectives. What? Did you think I was painting a picture of perfection? Of course not! They are subject to the same human foibles of everyone else but the way they have of dealing with them is different based on the way their force-field is made up. They unfailingly continue to transmit their energy whatever the circumstance they find themselves in. Their EMF profile means they are the most able at turning adversity into advantage.  Three outputs and one input enables them to be able to resign themselves to their fate. They are naturally gregarious and, in the process, make great company.  Not afraid to shoot on all cylinders, they will go where angels fear to tread.  Yet, they are not troublemakers in their dealings with others. In fact, they can take the sting out of almost any situation they are faced with but they are quick to engage in any confrontation that comes their way. By that I don’t mean they are ready for physical violence.  Some may, some may not, as with anybody, but I mean in coming to terms with their situation. They can be brusque when they want to be and this can also lead to placing them in awkward situations. Whether they be quiet, ebullient or gregarious people their honest, good humour, and verbal abilities based on worldly-wise cognitive sensors, always retrieve the situation in the end. The normal charm of  can make the most violent person calm down. Being brusque is far from being their natural state and it rarely erupts. Sarcasm is always within their reach. , though extrovert, does not mean they all have an outgoing personality. Personality is a mask. Dependent on the circumstances, , as with all others, are conditioned by their surrounding and experience. Some, therefore, may behave with more than a good measure of decorum. However, what will definitely be obvious to others is their natural inclination and bearing to be light and giving. And no matter how dour a character some of them from time to time might appear to be, they will shine brightly in company. What their EMF defines for them is they are not centred on themselves but rather on the thing they are involved in. This is the reason why they can so easily walk away to a new dawn from a position of great achievement with hardly a look back. The behaviour pattern infused through their EMF is in the line ‘That was then, this is now’, for most of them act bright and breezy, as if they haven’t got a care in the world.  This hides a truth: they are as considerate and serious as anyone else in their quiet moments. This cavalier behaviour to life could also be described as “Que Sera, Sera” or “what will be, will be” and is the hallmark of  people.  It stimulates reactions in the other four types because of their force field projecting outwards including those of the same EMF type, which is interesting in that between them they would have 6/8ths parts  transmitters but the remaining 2  receivers are enough to ensure there is just enough inlet valves to control the steam being produced. Everyone naturally warms to this type even the  because of their openness and playfulness. However,  soon tire of their puppy ways, and are the worst match for both of them.   love approval and so they hang on for dear life to the  but it only exacerbates the potential contempt  can have for . The 1 receiver isn’t enough to save their relationship or the  would happily do so because they are inherently disposed to be loyal and faithful even when they have transgressed.  But, before you think I am talking about fidelity, I better explain what I mean by loyalty and faithfulness.  are as open to affairs of the heart as anyone can be – probably more than most, in fact – but even when they do transgress they will carry on as though nothing has happened and remain loyal and faithful to the first party if they are allowed to be. They aren’t always forthright when it comes to defending others. This is for the same reason as everything else: they don’t want to endanger their approval rating. They love attention and a pitch so for that reason they make great salesmen. They are showmen and whether they are outside the tent ushering in the clientele, or inside the tent entertaining them directly, it makes no difference.  They are there for the performance. So anything that allows them to give outward expression to their base magnetic field is fine by them. They can also be foolhardy in not considering the choices they may be facing at any given time. Serious thought is for serious people and they are too lively to succumb to the restrictions seriousness places upon them for very long.  You will never find yourself using the phrase “get a life” to these people. They have every bit of it in spades.  For those who, by way of personality, and position of authority, seem to be serious or are required to present a serious face to the world, they are merely keeping up appearances.  Given half a chance the mask will fall and the playfulness will come to the fore. There are many shiny bright lights they are easily attracted to and like moths to the flame they gravitate towards anything that can make them flap their wings.  Invariably,  don’t naturally mean to harm anyone by doing so.  They just love the world stage. Flash, bang, wallop!
3 Pluses 1 Minus

In personal relationships With regards to forging relationships and alliances they have the strongest electromagnetic placing.  Everyone seems to enjoy their company.  I believe this is because of their supreme ability to commit wholeheartedly and, where conflict arises, maintain a brave face outside the situation.  They have the position of balance in all one-to-one relationships with people who are . This is the ultimate pairing they can have, as their electromagnetic poles are entirely complimentary.  They also hold the next two highest points on the SER table for they can have excellent relationships with those who are  and those who are like themselves  .  It may prove a bit bruising but the loyalty factor is so great here I honestly think they can withstand anything.  Even at the worst of times when they have really reached the end of their tether, that little word ‘loyalty’ will come from deep within the recesses of their existence and point the way until things come good again.  The records indicate that relationships between  and  are written in stone. On the other hand, those who are  relating to  will not be very successful because of the excessive number of dynamics in the two.  There’s an attraction here because the dynamics are so strong – 7/8ths  – but it’s a very false dawn. In the end, the loyalty factor mentioned before will be beaten to death by the punishing energy of  who will force it into extinction.  And even then, the  will doggedly hang on. It’s that old loyalty factor combined with their mantra “that’s just the way it is”. In all their relationships  are the best electromagnetic people on the scale for making friendships work even when they fail such as with  people.  They’ll still make every effort to allow it to work. As for partners, they are aptly placed to get along with most other types because of their openness but whenever, on the magnetic scale, they find, or are confronted with, the emergence of unbalancing properties such as those with  then all kinds of horrors and behavioural destructiveness can break out.  This is because of the inert intransigence of the extreme  people.  Initially, things may appear good because of the dynamics but those extremes will appear in no time at all.  The result, I fear, will be a breakdown in the reaction of the  people. As for them magnetically relating with those on the opposite ends of the pole, the  people, this has a degree of possibilities not existent in the other types. Although this is a relationship with an abundance of receivers I think the reason why it works well is that each supplies the other with opposite polarity that they need. The  transmitters kick-start the  receivers on the opposite poles whilst, simultaneously, the two remaining  terminals bring a quietness to the relationship. Really, the only exception to their ability to have successful relationships with the other types is with  people. Even still, they are attractive to . Of all the relationships on a one to one basis the most successful appears to be  with .
Some Famous  John Lennon – Beatle Abraham Lincoln – President of the United States Judy Dench – Actress Sean Connery – Actor Tilda Swinton – Actress Bill Clinton – President of the United States Vladimir Putin – President of Russia John F. Kennedy – President of the United States Albino Luciani – Pope JohnPaul 1 (the 33 days Pope) Neil Armstrong – Moon Walker 1 Stephen Hawking – Professor Liz Taylor – Actress Winston Churchill – Prime Minister of the UK Shere Hite – Feminist Oliver Cromwell – Political Leader Paul Newman – Actor
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