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Click on image title or name to see breakdown of each band
THE BEATLES2010+/10-Fully balanced. Includes George Martin. They were the only band in history to be made up of all 5 magnetic types UNTIL George Harrison created The Traveling Wilburys...see below!
THE EAGLES286+/22-So laconic, almost dead. All members over the years
THE ROLLING STONES208+/12-Heavily laconic. Original line-up including Brian Jones
PINK FLOYD209+/11-Heavily laconic.
LED ZEPPELIN167+/9-Laconic. Considered to be the best.
THE BEACH BOYS2011+/9-Dynamic. The original line-up members
THE BYRDS2011+/9-Dynamic. The original line-up
THE TRAVELING WILBURYS2010+/10-Fully balanced & the only band in history besides The Beatles to be made up of all 5 magnetic types - astonishing, given that George Harrison was in BOTH!
TAKE THAT2014+/6-Seriously Dynamic. Very high dynamic with the two lead members both 4+ type. Hence, one had to go but, interestingly, three others were all 2+/2- types. Big stage presence.
Any shift from equal transmitters (+) or receivers (-) indicates a greater or lesser
imbalance in the groups total identity or stage presence.  
The more transmitter (+) energy, the less effort on stage to attract attention.
The more receiver (-) energy, the greater effort on stage to attract attention.

The only group in history with perfect balance is The Beatles until
George Harrison (4 Receivers type) from The Beatles started The Traveling Wilburys.