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NameIn Office fromDate of BirthMonthYearAstro-Magnets
William Melville*190325 Apr 1850TaurusDog3+/1-
Sir Mansfield Cumming19091 Apr 1859AriesGoat1+/3-
Hugh Sinclair192318 Aug 1873LeoRooster2+/2-
Stewart Menzies193930 Jan 1890AquarianTiger4+/0-
Sir John Sinclair195329 May 1897GeminiRooster3+/1-
Sir Dick White195620 Dec 1906SagittariusHorse3+/1-
Sir John Rennie196813 Jan 1914CapricornBuffalo2+/2-
Sir Maurice Oldfield197316 Nov 1915ScorpioCat0+/4-
Sir Dick Franks197913 Jul 1920CancerMonkey1+/3-
Sir Colin Figures19811 Jul 1925CancerBuffalo1+/3-
Sir Christopher Curwen19859 Apr 1989AriesSnake2+/2-
Sir Colin McColl19896 Sep 1932VirgoMonkey2+/2-
Sir David Spedding19947 Mar 1943PiscesGoat0+/4-
Sir Richard Dearlove199923 Jan 1945AquarianMonkey3+/1-
Sir John Scarlett200418 Aug 1948LeoRat2+/2-
Sir John Sawers200926 Jul 1955CancerGoat0+/4-

*William Melville from Sneem, County Kerry was the first head of Mi6 and Mi5 when it was known by the title SIS. Because he was the founder of the British Secret Service, the original ‘M’ of both, he is not accorded with number 1 on the list of Mi6, this being attributed to Cummings.