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SurnameForenamesDate of BirthFirstSecondScales LevelSummary
Kray*Ronnie & Reggie24 Oct 19331+/3-1+/3-2-Scorpio*/Rooster
JohanssonScarlet & Hunter22 Nov 19843+/1-1+/3-7+/-Scorpio/Rat
SutherlandKiefer & Rachel21 Dec 19663+/1-3+/1-5+Sagittarius/Horse
YoungWill & Rupert20 Jan 19794+/0-4+/0-0+Aquarius/Horse
KutcherChris. & Michael7 Feb 19784+/0-4+/0-0+Aquarius/Horse
HamiltonLinda & Leslie26 Sep. 19563+/1-3+/1-5+Libra/Monkey
MalekRami & Sami12 May 19812+/2-2+/2-5-Taurus/Rooster
Grimes (Jedward)John & Edward16 Oct 19912+/2-2+/2-5-Libra/Goat
Reid (Proclaimers)Charlie & Craig5 Mar 19622-/2+2-/2+5-Pisces/Tiger
OlsenMary-Kate & Ashley13 Jun 19862+/2-2+/2-5-Gemini/Tiger
Diesel - VincentVin & Paul18 Jul 19670+/4-0+/4-0-Cancer/Goat
BarclayDavid & Frederick27 Oct 19342+/2-2+/25-Scorpio/Dog
WinklevossCameron & Tyler21 Aug 19812+/2-2+/2-5-Leo/Rooster
HennessyJill & Jacqueline25 Nov 19684+/0-4+/0-0+Sagittarius/Monkey
RibisiGiovanni & Marissa17 Dec 19743+/1-3+/1-5+Sagittarius/Tiger
HallDiedre & Andrea31 Oct 19472+/2-2+/2-5-Scorpio/Pig
RossoCamilla & Rebecca6 Jul 19942+/2-2+/2-5-Cancer/Dog
MursOlly & Ben14 May 19842+/2-2+/2-5-Taurus/Rat
GossMatt & Luke29 Sept 19683+/1-3+/1-5+Libra/Monkey

*Kray twins were born on the cusp day of 24 Oct. A cusp day means the determinant is the time of the change of the sun from one sign to another. These guys have all the hallmarks of the 23rd and therefore Scorpio in my opinion. With the Rooster as their year this makes them 1+/3- magnetic type. However, were they to be the previous sign of Libra they would be 3+/1- magnetic type and, therefore, the total opposite.