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It’s Not What You Think – It’s How You Think!

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It’s Not What you Think, It’s How You Think       See Plus/Minus in Another Light
The magnetic code uses gender specification only to the point of classification. For example, men can be any of the five types as can women. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexuals and Transgender (LGBT) community types are no different in their classification providing they are genitally specific. In other words, if a gay person is particularly effeminate (some are; some aren’t) but they have male genitals they are judged to be men. Obviously, if lesbians have female genitals, they are deemed to be women and the same goes for bi-sexuals. Transgender types may appear to offer a nuanced challenge. However, although it is to be proved – and I welcome support from that community to identify success or failure inherent in the patterns of descriptions in the plus/minus system – it is to be suggested that even if the individual has operationally changed sex and can be identified wholly as that gender-choice, their plus/minus (astromagnets) will be as they were when they were born subject to what I say below about ‘brain-switching’. To help in this declaration, I would ask them to check their polarity as both man and woman and see which they believe they are. And tell me about it please, I would really appreciate it.

It is worth pointing out that the brain is the key to all else about us and the magnetic field obviously connects to the electromagnetic fields of the the Earth. Assuming this is absolutely true, it corroborates the basis of gender specification.  Men think serially. If you remember the early printers, they were initially serial printers i.e. one character followed the other as one foot might follow another. Women, on the other hand, think in parallel terms. Again taking the printer as our example, parallel printers produce numerous characters in several ways simultaneously.

Perhaps – and it would seem to be absolutely true – our brains are wired as organic computers where men are serial thinkers and women are parallel thinkers. It would explain a lot, especially why there is so much divorce these days, as men and women are on different plains of thought about everything but can’t seem to agree to let each other’s views coexist. As a close friend of mine once observed “men and women are wired differently”. It’s always a desire for dominance. But then we come to the question of LGBT in this regard.  In these more enlightened times when LGBT are ‘out’ really after centuries of condemnation for abberant behaviour it is clear that those who are of this community haven’t chosen it like a suit of clothes. They are really of the type and of interest in the type opposite to the norm. And why can that be? Isn’t it possible that a gay person for example has his wires in his brain switched. This commands him then to think and feel in parallel ways. Hence, the more effeminate approach and desire. The same for Lesbian people whose wires have been switched (perhaps genetically or magnetically) which command them to think and feel in serial terms with a more masculine dominance in one party in a partnership.  As for Transgender I await the evidence to secure further consideration as to which bearing there might be through the magnetite in the brain.

It would be appreciated if anyone who is from the LGBT community finds they are excessively of their type but not of their gender and they recognise this in the polarity code offered, would you please get in touch with the information to aid further research into the subject.


5 Types – 5 Personality Behaviour Blueprints      2 Views to See it       Time Lords       It’s Not What you Think, It’s How You Think       See Plus/Minus in Another Light