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Browne’s Law

“Everything has an opposite in or of itself”

The first plus minus    
Jill Bolte Tayor Experience     

The eternal truth…

“Everything has an opposite IN or OF itself”.  Some people can’t think outside the box, the opposite of which is inside it.  The opposite of rock is lava; the opposite of dreaming is not dreaming; the opposite of being is doing; the opposite of wall is no wall. Everything has an opposite in or of itself. Everything. One thing gives, the other receives. One thing receives, the other gives.

It has been suggested that the beginning of everything was the result of ‘Big Bang’, a theory that suggests that everything came from nothingness. There is a fundamental problem with this idea – if there was a singularity moment of big bang, then what was there for big bang to bang into?  The answer is we live on a flat earth. Why, and ultimately to what purpose, no one knows.


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