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Life After Death

The jury is out on whether there is life after death. Only one way is certain and for sure we are all going to find out.  There is much that is said to be known about the universe and only by actually ‘crossing the bar’ is the truth finally revealed to us.  That said, here is the expectation from the point of view of ‘Ardo Ci’ force.

Everything has an opposite in or of itself. That means ‘existence’ as well. If we live a finite term – circa 70 years – then we must also have an infinite term of a life. This what the great savants realised down through the ages.

There are two versions of you that co-exist. One is physical, carbon; the other, spirit, thought.  The latter can travel great distances through space, unimpeded by any material cloak that would otherwise hamper it and, more importantly, what we call ‘time’. It can reveal things to you that have yet to happen. It ‘knows’ and experiences everything the carbon you does on the physical plain but, no matter how far it goes, it always springs back to you because it is tethered to you until your carbon days are over. Only then is it free from you. Your carbon period is discarded like a caterpillar and your spirit is set free to soar like a beautiful butterfly.

Einstein said nothing can go faster than the speed of light. It may or may not be true but we can definitely go ‘as fast as it’ and, if so, time stands still. The reason we know we can go as fast as it is because light is the fastest speed in our knowledge of existence. As we go ‘into the light’ when we die, we enjoin with it and, therefore, to do so, we have to be travelling as as fast as it. And so, time stands still.

Your spirit is light itself and, in going into the light at the end of your carbon cycle, it will be at one with it and, therefore, in a sense, though not exactly, ‘time’ is so slow it appears to stand still forever.

All that you have ever known, have ever done and have yet to do has already happened and you have already arrived at your destination.