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Proof – Does Magnetite and the EMF System work with what makes Billionaires?

The five richest men in the world whose combined wealth is greater than the world’s poorest 50% are:

Name # $ Billions Plus/Minus
Jeff Bezos 1 116.9 1+/3-
Bill Gates 2 99.9 0+/4-
Bernard Arnaud 3 91.6 1+/3-
Warren Buffett 4 70.5 3+/1-
Larry Ellison 5 62.4 2+/2-

My favourite is Warren Buffett because he is very humble, gives most of his wealth to charity and promises to leave little of his wealth to his children.

The only one missing of the 5 types of EMF is 4+/0-!  The closest I got to that was Michael Bloomberg at 9th but, alas, he is one day short of being 4+/0- type.
In fact, overall in the list of the richest not just the 5 above, there are NO 4+/0- types BUT there are several 0+4- ones.
In fact, so many I believe there is a connection. That there are no 4+/0- types should make you realise how the system works. He who grins the most doesn’t
necessarily win favour!

n.b. Elon Musk is now (2022 just bought Twitter) being recognised as the richest man in the world