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    The Four Horsemen

      26 Mar 1941 13 Apr 1949 28 Mar 1942 9 Apr 1967 Aries/Year of the Snake Aries/Year of the Buffalo Aries/Year of the Horse Aries/Year of the Goat 2+/2- 2+/2- 3+/1- 1+/3-  Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens Daniel Dennett Sam Harris The Four Horsemen is the title of a discussion group they formed and recorded on Youtube in 2007 – see below for reference. These men are some of the leading scientific and philosophical minds of our time, and I have long been an admirer.  However, it would be fair to suggest that they would baulk at what I propose in astromagnetica. There is justifiable reason for this: it needs…

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