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The Theory

In 1992, Researchers discovered Magnetite in the human brain. It has been found in birds, fish, mammals but also in humans.  At first it was thought to be in one place next to the pineal gland but, in the last few years, it has been found in crystalline form throughout the human brain. The question is: what is it doing there? Various studies have shown that brain cells respond to external magnetic fields. The human brain resonates an electromagnetic field (EMF) at 7.83 Hz which is exactly the same as the resonance of the Earth’s magnetic field. So, the two are in complete alignment.

Long before 1992, I had been puzzled as to how anyone could believe astrology horoscopes based on positions of the planets in our solar system. Moreover, I was always interested in how people could have certain characteristics common with each other relevant to the month they were born in.  Well, I have explained how the ‘astromagnet’ system works but the connection between magnetite – a crystal – in the human brain and our certain behaviour in common with others who share our identification of positive and negative energy is within for all to understand and experience.

Here is a classic example of electromagnetic observation and effect in behaviour and personality. Take the Royal family. It consists of
Her Majesty, the Queen 1+/3-
Prince Charles 1+/3-
Prince Andrew 1+/3-
Prince Edward 1+/3-
Their behaviour is very similar. Consider their individual public style and bearing – warm, friendly, introverted energy. But look at the two who are extremely different to that group but how similar they are to each other in their individual public style and bearing in that they are known to be big personalities, outliers, light caustic types – 
Duke of Edinburgh 3+/1-
Princess Anne 3+/1-

When I heard about magnetite being found next to the pineal gland, it seemed to make complete sense to me. It is sensitive to the bioelectrical signals of light and dark. It has profuse blood flow, second only to the Kidney. That little nut in the centre of our brain has been referred to as the seat of learning. More importantly, it enables the production of melatonin without which we become diseased and die. It doesn’t last in our bodies so we have to continuously produce it. We produce melatonin only at certain hours of the night. That is why sleep is so important. We cannot produce it when we are awake and that is why we cannot produce it during the day.

I believe the reason why it is so important to have found magnetite next to the pineal gland ,which produces melatonin is this; magnetite links us to the earth’s magnetic field. When the earth is in a certain alignment with our personal magnetite, it ‘turns on the glow’ of or in effect ‘enables’ the magnetite (I’m only being fanciful here to express what’s happening) and this, in turn tells the pineal gland to open so the magnetite can straighten the iron in our blood.  Iron is magnetic. Iron is essential for blood production and 70% of our redblood cells have iron in them called hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is essential for transferring oxygen to the lungs. As the blood flows round our body we become tired because it becomes less effective in us as the energy identifiers (Oxygen) in the cells become disorganised. So passing through the pineal gland at a certain time, the magnetite realigns them and basically cleans them us. If all this doesn’t happen between it and the need for melatonin, which keeps us going during the daytime, the cells become dysfunctional and decline rapidly. Hence, disease. Here is a short entertaining film about how MAGNETITE works. While you are watching it you might wonder what the heck is magnetite doing in the human brain

Examining the claims published in ScienceMag.org and PhysicsWorld.com of the effects of magnetism in our blood…it was said by ScienceBasedMedicine.org that:

Regarding mechanism, the Science Magazine article reports:

“The magnetic effect, the researchers say, all comes down to hemoglobin, the iron-based protein inside red blood cells. In the same way that iron filings align themselves along the field lines around a bar magnet, so the red blood cells align themselves along the straight field lines of Tao and Huang’s electromagnet.”

There is a significant problem with the  analogy of hemoglobin to iron filings – iron is ferromagnetic, which means it has a strong response to an external magnetic field (in addition to the ability to retain a magnetic field itself, but this is not as relevant to the current study). The iron in hemoglobin is not ferromagnetic. Ferrohemoglobin (without oxygen attached) is weakly paramagnetic (is attracted to an external magnetic field). So it can align with a strong external magnetic field, but this effect is generally very weak. Oxyhemoglobin is non-magnetic (has a magnetic moment of zero, because it has no free electrons) and therefore does not respond at all to an external magnetic field. So oxygenated blood in arteries would have a very weak to no response to to an external magnetic field due to its hemoglobin.

The theory is this.  Various studies have shown that brain cells respond to external magnetic fields.  5G can operate at 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. The higher the frequency the more dangerous to living organisms. It is my contention that it has the capability to radically interfere with the 7.8Hz frequency operating our connection to the Earth’s magnetic field. Moreover, in the wrong hands it could be turned on and and off at will and used to manipulate human life. It most certainly would destroy the astromagnetic system which determines our gearing as shown within this site. It will therefore have the ability to destroy our health.  Ultimately it could lead to robotic replacement and Augmented Intelligence!

This is no time for any of us to sit on the fence if we have a view whether we are right or wrong. Let it be proved!

The promoters of 5G (See 5G Explained: How the Phone Network Works) say 5G’s wavelength does not generate enough energy to damage cells and cause tumours or cancer, unlike ultraviolet radiation from the sun, making sunlight a higher risk to your health than 5G. However, it may not directly damage the cells but by interfering with the brain’s magnetic field and therefore the magnetite in the brain and it’s job, it will cause damage to cells and cause tumours or cancer.


Why is there magnetite in the human brain?

A sixth sense in humans!

What frequency is 5G?

5G uses nearly same frequency as weaponized crowd control systems

Okay, if you’re prepared to, then lets smell the coffee
1 Gigahertz is a Billion Hertz (GHz)
1 Megahertz is a Million Hertz MHz)
1 Kilohertz is a Thousand Hertz (KHz)
The Earth vibrates at a mere 7.8 Hertz (Hz) as does your brain!

4G mobiles are confined by government instruments (as are and always have been broadcasting frequencies). The limit of their ability is between 2.4 – 5 GHz. Super-fast Mobile phones generally run on Band 7, which is up to 2600 MHz or 2.6GHz

5G completely decimates this although *attempts are being made by governments at the beginning of their introduction to clip their wings but that’s for now. Once they are installed, what then? They can operate at 24 GHz – 60 GHz  


Extract from 5g.co.uk
*Three main spectrum bands that have been specified for use in 5G:

  • Sub 1GHz, dubbed the ‘coverage layer’, will provide wide area and deep indoor coverage, and in Europe encompasses the 700MHz band. These frequencies will combine with the next band to enable operators to roll out 5G quickly and more cost-effectively.
  • 1GHz-6GHz, aka the ‘coverage and capacity layer’, relies on C-band spectrum around the 3.5GHz mark to deliver the best compromise between capacity and coverage. European regulators have identified the 3.4-3.8GHz band and plan to harmonise it to make it suitable for 5G. It will be the main frequency band for the launch of 5G.
  • Above 6GHz, aka the ‘super data layer’, uses higher frequency millimetre-wave (mmWave) spectrum to deliver high data rates for specific use cases. Europe has agreed to harmonise frequencies in the 24.25-27.5GHz band, although it’s commonly referred to the 26GHz band. It will be the key enabler of future 5G services and be critical to 5G networks.

It is highly likely that additional spectrum will be opened up or auctioned for 5G use, and work is ongoing to identify what that spectrum might be. For example, Ofcom plans to put the 37-43.5 and 66-71GHz bands forward for discussion at the World Radiocommunications Conference 2019 (WRC-19) in late 2019. It may also raise the 32GHz (31.8 – 33.4GHz) band for further discussion.