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Time Lords

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It’s Not What you Think, It’s How You Think       See Plus/Minus in Another Light
The following table is an account of human life and experience from birth to death. Often referred to as the seven year itch, it is factually correct that we change every seven years but no one has ever tied that to the 12 periods of attitude expressed in the 12 sun signs, each one of which has a predefined expression or characteristic of human beings. For example, a baby naturally typifies what the main characteristic of Aries is: self – me first! And so it is that a person born in Aries, no matter what age, has as their gearing, this natural propensity of ‘me first’ in all they do.

Where it really becomes a magnetic force-field is that, for example, taking an Aries person in say, period 1 – the Arian years of 0 to 6 – they are in their elemental year (the happiest time for them) but carrying their ‘self-centredness’, which is their key characteristic, into each of the 11 other periods ( and beyond, as denoted by ‘Rev’),  they are individually challenged by each of the main characteristics of each of the other periods and they experience them differently than say a Pisces or another sign would.  Let’s see Pisces in this way. A Piscean is the embodiment of a person who is 77 to 84. When they are a baby between the years of 0 to 6, they carry the mindset of their life term in that period. In other words, they behave during the 0-6 years period with the mindset or thinking processes of any person aged 77-84. Pisces children 0-6 appear full of wisdom and alertness more akin to those who are 77-84 whereas the Arian is full of ‘me first’ which 0-6 during the period 0-6 making it their perfect time. When the next period arrives in their lives i.e. the Taurean period of 7 to 13, the Arian ‘me first’, though still there as it always will be, is being challenged with the competition of others making them strive to always be first, whereas the Piscean will be relaxed and easy with the challenges of Taurus time, where we all discover we are having to allow for ‘others rights’ for the first time in our lives.

And so it goes on through the whole cycle of life as each of us carries our sign quality into, and combat with, each of the 7 years we live through and its ‘speciality’ affect on us.  When we live through the same 7 years that is also our birth sign (e.g. a person who is born early August is a Leo; the Leon Time Lord age is 28 to 34) it is a Leo’s perfect time in life.

0 to 6ArianDrive/DominationWe come first
7 to 13TaureanDetermination/PrejudiceWe are disturbed to be second
or challenged by others
14 to 20GeminianVersatility/SuperficialityWe now discover ourselves;
mind-changing times
21 to 27CancerianImagination/MoodinessOur adulthood is tentatively
striving to establish itself
28 to 34LeonPower/VanityWe declare firmly who we are
35 to 41VirgoanPracticality/ReserveWe need to relax and find me-time
42 to 48LibranIdealism/Self-indulgenceWe are challenged by uncertainty
looking forward; looking backward,
facing age-challenges.
49 to 55ScorpionDiscipline/SuspicionWe feel comfortable in our shoes
but uncomfortable in how we feel
others see us
56 to 62SagittarianValour/CarelessnessWe regain our strength to simply
dismiss the challenges of life
63 to 69CapricornianWisdom/Self-doubtWe see the world as it sees us
and concern ourselves with
what may come next
70 to 76AquarianIndividuality/EccentricityWe care not a whit about the
world around us; expecting
death at any moment
77 to 83PisceanAwareness/DiffidenceDefiant at the world around us,
we are filled with accumulated
knowledge and surprise it's still
going on.
84 to 90Arian (Rev)Courage/SanctimonyOur dotage begins and we again
feel it's we who come first
92 to 97Taurean (Rev)Patience/LanguorSurprised we are still surviving but
less able to cope so we feel caught
between the devil and deep blue sea
98 to 104Geminian (Rev)Performance/ImpatienceWe are seeking relief yet thinking we
are unsto...............

5 Types – 5 Personality Behaviour Blueprints      2 Views to See it       Time Lords       It’s Not What you Think, It’s How You Think       See Plus/Minus in Another Light