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(Trump v Biden) v Putin

President Trump

Donald Trump is 4+/0- type.  Vladamir Putin is 3+/1- type.  Biden is 2+/2- type.  Trump has no inlet valve; Putin loves being on the stage; and, Biden is a baby filled with desperation to find balance, which he can’t.  Now see…. This view from America…. THERE’S NO DEBATE THAT PUTIN IS THE AGGRESSOR PROACTIVELY STARTING … Read more(Trump v Biden) v Putin

Astrology, Character & Proof

In 45 B.C. Julius Caesar ordered a calendar to be based on a solar year. So named after him, the Julian calendar started on 1 January and consisted of 365 days for three years and 366 days for one year just as it is today. The Roman Empire fell in the 5th century and due … Read moreAstrology, Character & Proof

Starcodes & School

Another indiscriminate mass murder shooting happened today in El Paso, Texas by a 21 years old loner named Patrick Crusius, who killed 20 people and injured as many more. I found out what I could about him on Heavy.com where they had ‘lifted’ a manifesto he wrote on his Facebook page which was closed down. … Read moreStarcodes & School

People on the Cusp

On the cusp is the period in astrology when one sign hand over to another such as Aries into Taurus or Taurus into Gemini. The same applies to Easter Chinese Horoscopes signs. The time of each transmission is dependent on the year but all in all it’s difficult to be accurate.  It means that a … Read morePeople on the Cusp

Winners of the Victoria Cross WW1

The list below is of the first 50 winners of this distinguished medal given for outstanding feats of bravery created during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. The first world war was a dreadful calamity and I have always been interested in every aspect of it. The waste of – mainly young – human … Read moreWinners of the Victoria Cross WW1

Women TV Personalities (UK)

This is an inexhausted list but sufficient for the purpose of identifying the starcode magnetic make-up of the women personalities on mainstream TV at the moment. It’s interesting to note there are no 0+/4- types.  Remember: you can easily re-order the listing by clicking on a heading

Rich Man

Have a look at this list of some of the richest people in the modern world thanks to the internet. The internet gurus who, as it happens, are amazingly heavily laconic types i.e. predominantly 1+/3- or 4-. Makes you think, doesn’t it? There are 7 people who are 1+/3- types 3 people are 0+/4- types … Read moreRich Man

F1 Champion Racing Drivers

Guess how many Formula 1 Champion Racing Drivers in the whole history of the sport were 4+/0- types? NONE! Commentary There have been to date (June 2019) 30 Formula 1 Champion Racing drivers. Of that number 3 were 0+/4- 7 were 3+/1- 15 were 2+/2- 5 were 1+/3- 0 were 4+/0- It is incredible to … Read moreF1 Champion Racing Drivers

Imagine a room…

Imagine… a room with 9 people in it who were 4 plus types consisting of say Donald Trump .   Paul McCartney.   David Cameron.   Emma Thompson.   Sandra Bullock.   Christian Bale.  Phil Collins.  Jane Fonda.  Nancy Pelosi.   How do you think they’d get on? From a Starcodes point of view, initially, they would have an absolute love-in. … Read moreImagine a room…