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The Four Horsemen

  26 Mar 1941 13 Apr 1949 28 Mar 1942 9 Apr 1967 Aries/Year of the Snake Aries/Year of the Buffalo Aries/Year of the Horse Aries/Year of the Goat 2+/2- 2+/2- 3+/1- 1+/3-  Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens Daniel Dennett Sam Harris The Four Horsemen is the title of a discussion group they formed and recorded … Read moreThe Four Horsemen

Savid Javid returns

Politics is now the dirtiest word in the world lexicon. Here, today, 29 Dec. 2018, we are asked to believe that, after Christmas, when so many supposedly desperate people (notice, they are no longer from Northern Africa who have been sleeping rough on the Callais shores for the last two year!) have a rubber dingy … Read moreSavid Javid returns