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Savid Javid returns

Politics is now the dirtiest word in the world lexicon. Here, today, 29 Dec. 2018, we are asked to believe that, after Christmas, when so many supposedly desperate people (notice, they are no longer from Northern Africa who have been sleeping rough on the Callais shores for the last two year!) have a rubber dingy to sail the channel (mainly from Iran – you couldn’t make it up!) we are expected to believe Savid Javid has suddenly ended his holiday in South Africa and rushed back to Britain to take charge of the situation. It’s a really truly awful joke! So, let’s look at the make-up of the man…

5th December 1969

He is a Sagittarian/Rooster. As a male, he is 2+/2- magnetic type.
All about balance, justice, fairness, duplicity, how do I look?,
how does what I do look?, what’s happening? I’ll get to the bottom of this,
Keep quiet, don’t make any statements – they may be misconstrued.

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