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Gates & Jobs 4 Minuses (Receivers on speed)

Watch this! Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in an interview. Here you will see before your very eyes two people who are 4 minus types (i.e. 0+/4-; 4 Receivers) and, on the Scales of Magnetic Relations, ZERO in their relationship with one another. Oh! yes, they are very polite and, seemingly, friends but it’s like watching two non-magnetic bodies being thrown together – there’s no linkage whatsoever. In many ways, this revealing display, recognizes the desperate state they have hurled us into without any real thought as to what they are doing (Like Zuckerberg too) to the world around them. I am mindful of 666.

Note their body language. They never change their leg crossover. 

A perfect example of difference between people who are the same magnetic type and personality...

There is a big difference between these two, and another, Elon Musk, who is also 0+/4- type!  All are entirely about ‘RECEIVING’ energy from others at one level, At another
Gates was born 25 October 1955 He is Scorpio in the Year of the Goat.   Scorpio is entirely selfish and calm  and unflustered. Seething.  ( +/- )
Jobs was born 24 February 1955 He is Pisces in the Year of the Goat also.  Pisces is expansive, pro-active, energetic, all-encompassing.  ( + )
Musk was born 28 June 1971 He is Cancerian in the Year of the Pig. Cancerian is benign, gracious, fair-minded, altruistic. ( – )