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Winners of the Victoria Cross WW1

The list below is of the first 50 winners of this distinguished medal given for outstanding feats of bravery created during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. The first world war was a dreadful calamity and I have always been interested in every aspect of it. The waste of – mainly young – human life in the most degrading circumstances is enough to make anyone weep. But in the face of my research I wondered if there was a predominance of characters of a particular plus/minus type and hence the reason for the inclusion of this list. I hope to add the names of many more brave human beings.

Maurice Dease28/09/18893+/1-LibraBuffalo
Sidney Godley14/08/18892+/2-LeoBuffalo
Charles Garforth23/10/18912+/2-LibraCat
Charles Jarvis29/03/18812+/2-AriesSnake
Theodore Wright15/05/18831+/3-TaurusGoat
Ernest Alexander02/10/18704+/0-LibraHorse
Francis Grenfell04/09/18802+/2-VirgoDragon
George Wyatt05/09/18863+/1-VirgoDog
Charles Yate04/03/18721+/3-PiscesMonkey
Job Drain15/10/18952+/2-LibraGoat
Frederick Holmes15/09/18892+/2-VirgoBuffalo
Frederick Luke29/09/18952+/2-LibraGoat
Douglas Reynolds20/09/18823+/1-VirgoHorse
Edward Bradbury16/08/18812+/2-LeoSnake
George Dorrell07/07/18801+/3-CancerDragon
David Nelson03/04/18863+/1-AriesDog
William Johnston21/12/18791+/3-SagittariusCat
George Wilson29/04/18863+/1-TaurusDog
William Fuller13/03/18843+/1-PiscesMonkey
Ross Tollerton06/05/18903+/1-TaurusTiger
Ernest Horlock24/10/18851+/3-ScorpioRooster
Harry Ranken03/09/18831+/3-VirgoGoat
Frederick Dobson09/11/18862+/2-ScorpioDog
William Kenny24/08/18802+/2-VirgoDragon
Henry May29/07/18852+/2-LeoRooster
James Brooke03/02/18843+/1-AquariusMonkey
James Leach27/07/18922+/2-LeoDragon
John Hogan08/04/18842+/2-AriesMonkey
Arthur Martin-Leake04/04/18743+/1-AriesDog
Khudadad Khan20/10/18883+/1-LibraRat
Darwan Singh Negi01/11/18811+/3-ScorpioSnake
John Vallentin14/05/18823+/1-TaurusHorse
John Dimmer09/10/18832+/2-LibraGoat
Spencer Bent08/03/18910+/4-PiscesCat
John Butler20/12/18882+/2-SagittariusRat
Henry Ritchie29/01/18763+/1-AquariusRat
Thomas Rendle14/12/18842+/2-SagittariusMonkey
Frank de Pass26/04/18871+/3-TaurusPig
Norman Holbrook09/07/18881+/3-CancerRat
William Bruce15/06/18904+/0-GeminiTiger
Henry Robson27/05/18944+/0-GeminiHorse
Philip Neame12/12/18882+/2-SagittariusRat
James MacKenzie02/04/18892+/2-AriesBuffalo
Abraham Acton17/12/18932+/2-SagittariusSnake
James Smith05/01/18812+/2-CapricornDragon
Eric Robinson16/05/18823+/1-TaurusHorse
Eustace Jotham28/11/18831+/3-SagittariusGoat
Michael O'Leary29/09/18904+/0-LibraTiger
Gabar Singh Negi21/04/18951+/3-TaurusGoat
William Buckingham19/02/18862+/2-PiscesDog

They consist of
1 who was 0+/4-
11 who were 1+/3-
21 who were 2+/2-
13 who were 3+/1-
4 who were 4+/0-

The total polarity of all combined is a potential polarity of 200+/-, of which, there are 108 transmitters and 92 receivers showing that, despite the time, transmitter energy triumphed over receiver energy.

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