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A Message from ARDO CI

“Sometimes observation & belief in conventional wisdom needs to be checked against a competing theory backed by empirical evidence.”
Robert Currey – Astrologer


Imagine the benefit to you and your company or business if you could be certain of the root personality of the individuals you employ or intend to employ or negotiate with.  Not the personality you see conveyed but the real one behind their actions. Such an insight would enable great profit for your company and the people themselves because, over and above their qualifications, you would know their secret hidden driver which permeates their behaviour. So, no more round pegs in square holes.

And what is this miracle wand?

The earth is a magnet and, basically, we have magnetite in the brain that links our magnetic field to the earth’s. It is identifiable and consists of four poles which I call ‘Starcodes’. These poles are recognised as ‘+’ for transmitters, active, light and dynamic energy and ‘-‘ for receivers, passive, deep and laconic energy. The more pluses in the polarity of an individual, the more transmitters they have. Conversely, the more minuses in the polarity, the more receivers they have. Think of them only as receivers (-) and transmitters (+). The more transmitters, the weaker, lighter and more extrovert the person.  The more receivers, the stronger, more serious and introvert the person. 

Starcodes comprise 5 measures of polarity consisting of four poles

4+       3+/1-       2+/2-       1+/3-       4-

Here is a table of their key strengths

People who are...Are outwardly...Are Inwardly...Make...
3+LightHeavyGreat Promoters
1+HeavyLightGreat Facilitators
4+Super LightSuper HeavyGreat Champions
4-Super HeavySuper LightGreat Thinkers
2+/2-Equally Light & HeavyEqually Light & HeavyGreat Manipulators

Take Nick Leeson, the man who broke Barings bank; he was 4- type. They can absorb enormous energy, hence pressure, to the point of a shrug. This makes them enormously valuable in certain roles such as assistant managers. This does not mean that people who are 4- type would do what Nick did but rather in how and in what way their magnetic tie enables them to behave.

More importantly, perhaps, its most powerful use is in identifying how the different types interact with each other and with your staff or customers.

Most people would benefit greatly from its power if they would take the time to understand it. This is a place well-suited for people who are in charge of others in any form albeit personally or in management or own a company or business with employees, or make judgments over the lives and welfare of others. And most powerfully of all, it is the perfect analysis tool for teams or teamwork. So, it is a potential boon for sports managers, especially. If you can grasp the concept contained in nature’s contribution to what we are, it will give you unimaginable power – and I guarantee it.

Look – what’s your biggest cost and/or your biggest asset in what you do, especially in business?  Doesn’t it have to be the people doing the work that makes your involvement successful?

Well, what if I could show you and guarantee you a way to pick the perfect people for the role irrespective of their education, qualifications or background? Yes, of course, if the role is of a specific technical nature or one that needs experience or qualifications , you can still pick the perfect person for the role from those who are so qualified with additional magnetic profile to be even adjudged for it.

You’ll find all you need on this site but, undoubtedly, there will be some of you who are too busy or ‘unable’ to grasp the magnetic code concept and need some more help to be convinced.  Let me be of service to you.  If you are about to employ someone or maybe promote someone, send me an email with their date of birth and gender and it would be helpful if you could give me a little information of the position. I don’t need names and addresses or anything personal and, in any case, everything will be dealt with as highly confidential and private. What have you got to lose? You can take it as the way to go or otherwise and only you will know whether I was right or wrong.

I gave advice on one person who was totally outside the parameters of the job and well beyond what they would normally be engaged in. The company took a chance, listened to the wisdom of the magnetic code and now she is, in a short time, their top person, and management is now knocking.

Did you know that most of the early presidents of the USA were magnetic type ‘4-‘ (this may seem negative but these people are the most sober, conscientious and industrious of all the magnetic types) yet only one has made president since that first 150 years. In fact, most of them, in the 20th century, were dominated by plus/transmitter (+) energy and, clearly, we can see it in their ‘all teeth and braces’ style.  Here, in Britain, it’s been the same; and most PM’s have a dominant ‘transmitter’ or plus energy. Exceptionally, Gordon Brown and Alec Douglas-Home were the only two to be ‘4-‘ magnetic polarity type, and neither of them was ‘elected’ but, rather, replaced their predecessor for a short time and, then, faced being unceremoniously rejected, soon thereafter, by the electorate, to be cast into obscurity.

But, in those cases I’ve just mentioned, they were ‘elected’, like Popes, who, incidentally, were nearly all 2+/2- types. You will find when an inner group vote to select someone among themselves to be leader, they invariably choose a 2+/2- polarity type. Outside that scenario, it’s a different thing when YOU as an individual select them. And this is where understanding what I am telling you will give you an incredible and certain advantage for success.

Every company or business is based on sales and Service. So, for the perfect company, I suggest you need 3+/1- types for sales; 1+/3- types for service and support; 4+ types for managers of sales department; 4- types for management of support department; and, 2+2- types for head and a smattering of them in all other areas as the glue.

I hope you will come to understand what the magnetic starcodes means, for it can be transforming.

If you want to contact me please don’t hesitate to do so – I am looking forward so much to hearing from you

Best wishes

Ardo Ci

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