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Astrology has two camps – those who believe it is a load of old hogwash and those who don’t. To add to the muddle of explanation for those who don’t, and to scientists at large, there is the ‘horoscopes’ element or the reading of the future based on the position of the stars relevant to an individual’s date and time of birth.

So, please, let me offer an explanation based on the theory of what I call ‘astromagnets’, as expressed herein.

Firstly, I am more inclined to the hogwashers’ view but to a limited and qualified extent although, as I show with ‘astromagnets’, there is a plausible explanation for what underpins and ‘scientifically’ exposes as the underbelly for what is happening in the universe that affects us astrologically.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Horoscopes are as useful as used dry toilet paper! Exceptionally, they may have some minor use in an emergency if the person is given a personal reading by someone who knows them. However, even still, they can be discounted.

Next, there is the effects on people’s charts by the planets.  Let me first say that ‘astromagnets’ would suggest that, yes, all of the planets and their various positions in our solar system at different times do have vibrational interferences on the earth’s magnetic field. Astromagnets specifically depicts the causes and effects of the variations of the magnetic field on our brainwaves due to the receiver ‘magnetite’ in the human brain.  Astromagnets relates this ONLY to the Sun at different months of the year, and those months in different years as identified by the Chinese.  This is where astromagnetism parts company with Astrology because astrology starts with a person’s ‘Sun’ sign, and beyond, adding the Moon effects moves on into the realms of a contrived fantasy by adding the effects of the rest of the planets of the solar system. This was fully exposed for itself when, in 2013, Pluto was negated as a planet and Chiron was added as one. Astrologers didn’t seem to be bothered by this inconvenience and simply carried on regardless, as they still do today. Astrology pre-dates Astronomy but it wasn’t until the early 1700’s that the discovery of outer planets like Uranus and Neptune were discovered. So, if the inner planets were affecting humans in their horoscopes then the outer ones must too. Except, by the same logic, they must have been doing so even when they weren’t known by astrologers. No, this is all hogwash. It’s all simply the sun’s affects on the earth’s magnetic field and, thereby, human magnetism.

Without a shadow of doubt, what we call ‘Sun signs’ in astrology i.e. the names given to the twelve birth signs of the Zodiac, in reference to each of their 30° degree segments representing the constellations, in their placement in the sky during the year, do show accuracy in types of human behaviour.  Funnily enough, these 30° degree divisions no longer coincide with the constellations! So much for ‘mathematical celestial accuracy’, at least in the past! Astrologers get out of this by gearing their theory toward segments of the sky rather than the actual constellations that appear within them and, after which, they are named. For example, the astrological point of Aries is 0° in the astronomical constellation of Pisces.

You can therefore see how astrology is simply ‘accommodating’ over accuracy.  But there is a recognition in most of us that the characteristics factor, as interpreted in our Sun signs are, extremely accurate. Aquarians, Leos, Scorpios and all birth signs have those essential qualities peculiar to themselves. Look, at this example below.  Without knowing which sign being is referred to here, read and see if you can realise this as accurate for you:-

*You’ve had a great deal to cope with, and it’s not going to get any less this week. But there’s a good chance you’re going to find it easier to do what you’ve got to do. Your problems will be more easily solved than you think. All you need to do is to devote enough energy to the tasks in hand. Then, that feeling of being overwhelmed will dissipate and you’ll be able to move ahead. You have the cosmic gift of Venus in your sign. That means there’s a chance of financial improvements, too.

No matter what your actual Sun sign may be I’ll bet this applies to most people who read it.

And now look at these key sun sign characteristics and figure out before *looking below at what actual signs they represent: Positive traits include Vision, Originality, Charity, Tolerance, Independence, Individuality; Negative traits include Eccentricity, Separateness, Neurosis, Disobedience, Thoughtlessness, Cruelty.  Some of these traits may be in your sign but not all of them and, on realising who they are being referred to, you will recognise who they represent and especially in yourself if you are one of them.

Another, most interesting, fact is that the Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in 1752 changing the formula for calculating leap years. In order to correct the discrepancy between the solar year and the Julian calendar which had grown by 10 days, 11 days were dropped in the month of September 1752 (e.g. September 2nd was followed by September 14th). In the years that followed, many birth records naturally showed the old style birthdate upon which astrologers had been calculating birth charts. Worse, for people whose dates of birth were within the new adjusted month dates it ought to be considered whether they were one type or the other. For example George Washington was born on 11th February 1731 making him an Aquarius. However, the effect of the Gregorian calendar on that makes his recognised birthday as being 22nd February 1731 and therefore a Pisces. Anyone with a smidgen of astrology smarts will admit that Washington was most definitely a Pisces rather than an Aquarius from the records and knowledge we have about him. A validation, if it were needed, that Sun Sign characteristics are accurate in accordance with birth. I have tested this with numerous people and it is true.

How can it be? How can the billions of people who have lived and live on the earth carry certain traits to be ably and easily identified as peculiar to one of 12 types of behaviour? The astrologers modify these further by an individuals placement of the Moon and other planets at the time of birth giving vent to a degree of individualism they wouldn’t otherwise have.  But this has never been a satisfactory explanation of an obvious and observable inclination of separate behaviourisms we are all given to have in common with each other. On just one level alone men and women in each sign are very different to each other. There is a similarity of behavioural drive in each sign but it is varied by the gender of the people.  For example, Arians have a tendency to rush in regardless and cause problems. This is true for both men and women. Achievement is vital. If it is lacking either in career or the all-important hobby, they can become physically or psychologically sick and difficult to live with. This is because of their worst trait – selfishness. Overall, this is true for both. However, it manifests itself in males and females differently.

And so, began my interest, which has led to the discovery of the Soulmate Code, astromagnets and why we are magnetically fated. It is also the reason why, I believe, that astrology is true in how it works on the character traits found in different sun signs. But it wasn’t until I came across a book, The New Astrology’ by Suzanne White, that the penny finally dropped. This marvellous book is really the bible of personality traits as per astrology. It combines the twelve signs of the zodiac with the twelve animal symbols and their traits in the Chinese horoscope years. Now we have 144 different types to contend with and, truly, Suzanne’s observations and personalised character readings are the clearest and best ever written in my opinion. Again, however, I was left puzzled by the lack of identification of the role that gender plays with each combined sign. After all, as my good friend said to me once: “women are wired differently”.

The Soulmate Code sees things in terms of magnetism, duality and the ray of creation. The Soulmate Code takes all combinations and splits them into males and females, transmitters and receivers. From that we have millions of potential combinations of relationships like billiard balls bouncing round a table but only 5 types of people and 15 types of simple ‘one-to-one’ relationships. At the basic level, as with magnetism, the symbol (+) represents male or transmitter energy whilst the other symbol (-) represents female or receiver energy. Males can have receiver energy just as females can have male energy. So, whether considering a male or a female, the Soulmate Code sees only one type for the polarity energy identified.  For example, an Aries female Rat is 4+/0- energy but so is a Libra male born in the year of the Tiger.

To find out the person’s code, all you need is their gender and full date of birth to include the year. Once you have it, the description of their innate behaviour becomes exposed whatever their Sun sign or Chinese birth year characteristics. And they are more fundamental than everything else as they ‘gear’ a person throughout in their personality, their personality characteristics, their upbringing, education, background, experience or anything else because they are ‘fixed’ and ‘inform’ behaviour throughout life depending on the magnetic field




*This was the horoscope for Aquarius for 11 March 2019 and the traits were for Aquarius, also.