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Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Some point out that a Virgo man-Scorpio girl match is a great union. That, my friend all depends. Get it wrong and it could be the mix to mangle the two of them but especially the Scorp! Besides the fact that, like all the signs, Virgo and Scorpio are two zodiac signs with distinctive differences. But on the astromagnetic scale, they are similar in that they are both on the Receiver/Receptive sign of the scales. So where’s all the spark to come from? Ah! that’s the determinant here.

You see, this pair are actually ideal in many ways. They are both pernickety, both into ‘attraction’ and both love themselves more than anyone else. Cool, eh!

They both like precision also. What a couple of swells. Virgo swoons to socially appropriate behaviour while Scorpio likes that, too, but superficially, as long as it’s going to get him somewhere. Flash those thighs sister, Scorpio’s a-comin.

So, let me see what we’ve got here.  Male Scorps and female Virgies can be 0+/4- magnetic types. That’s a ZERO on the scales. Now, it may exist in families like mum and a sibling but I’m damned if it’s ever going to happen in a l-u-ve relationship. There’s no spark. Think of two magnets where both terminals are negative. What d’ya get? That’s right, nuffink! Oh! you can push them together but there’s no click.

The next possibility is say one of them is 1+/3- type. Oh! boy, it will bore the pants off the one who is 4-. It works, just, but no good. So, what if they are both 3-/1+ or, sorry, 1+/3-, same thing.  Right, now you’re talking. It won’t blow the socks off the feet in the bed department but they will be very tight ‘good friends’. Ain’t that nice!  Not brill I think. He will always be in the mood for whatever and she will, well she will, well she wel… There’s a sense of the benign dictator coming across my bows here.

Ok, so what if one is 1+/3- type and the other is 2+/1- type. Mama Cass from the Momas and Papas sang it’s getting better all the time. Get it?  This can definitely work. Yippeee!  The one with 2+ will be the driver but the other will be the force. May the force be with you. Now, imagine if BOTH of them were 2+/2- type – you’d have them as high as they can get on the scales!!!!! WOWE!! Seriously, you would have a degree of dynamic partnership with the potential for life.

If they both fell for one another, truly fell for one another, they would be together forever and ever an ever an ev….

Of course, I’ve been thinking of a female Virgo and a Male Scorpio but what if it was the other way around? Same difference? DEFINITELY NOT!  Yes, if they were both 2+/2- or 1+/3- or, indeed, if they were – God forbid – 0+/4-. But I’m referring to them as one being 1+/3- and the other being 2+/2-.

It’s a totally different story if we’re talking about a male Virgo and Scorpio female rather than as I’ve said a male Scorpio and a female Virgo. In many circumstances, all I can say is she’ll eat him alive. But then there are also similar circumstances to what I’ve said when it’s the other way round when it could work in a similar way. You’ll have to check out the podcast to find out.

This also applies to the LGBT community. It just depends on which one the male or female drive is apparent.

Scorpios are benevolent, charitable and good-sized. They’re cooperative and attached with family and friends. They’ve been very mental and fiercely possessive regarding family. But as they say, opposites draw in, so is the case together with the Virgo guy Scorpio girl alliance. Their unique variations, more often than not, apparently enhance both, making the quest in advance, enjoyable or even fairly easy. Virgo could be the sixth among twelve zodiac signs features a symbol of ‘The Virgin’. Men created between August 24 to Sep 23rd are believed to belong to this sign.

Virgo is actually an Earth element and it is governed by planet Mercury. To stay really love with a Virgo guy should are now living in a proper world without any fairytale desires. Trustworthiness, really love, and dedication are terms that best describe the guy who is in love. Becoming very devoted towards their loved ones, these guys are not to chatty and like to avoid audience. Certainly their typical individuality attributes is actually perfectionism. They’ve been very aware of their looks nor care about spending countless hours as you’re watching mirror to just obtain the wrinkle to their pants right.

They wish things to be great, right from their clothes with their scent. Virgo males can stress by themselves beyond restrictions and will seem pretty cool outside, despite getting excessively stressed in. Their unique two most frequent qualities are dependability and sincerity. Typically, the guy falls in love with the comfort and sincerity of a female. He’ll usually shower his attention and worry if you require him. But because his useful and sensible character, he can never ever create decisions based on thoughts and can take time and move at a pace exclusively his own.

Getting hitched to a Virgo guy will reward a husband who is entirely reliable and permanently enjoying. Becoming excessively responsible, you will not need to worry about financial or mental stability, when with him. Scorpio, the water sign, appears 8th among all zodiac signs. It’s symbolized by a scorpion and it is governed by Pluto (typically Mars had been the leader of Scorpio). People-born in between 23rd October to 21st November belong to this zodiac sign. This girl is unique and very distinct from women of additional zodiac signs. This can be one girl who are able to be genuinely called strong and beautiful (and she actually is aware of it). She’s a seductive charm and very hypnotizing vision that pull males to her obviously. She also offers a tremendously confident, charming and magnetized individuality. The woman thoughts, thoughts and overall individuality is indeed strange that people have attracted to her conveniently. While in a relationship together, you are bound to get jealous by interest she will get off their men.

But, usually do not distrust the girl or doubt her credibility if she enjoys you. Even though this girl is attractive to all men, she will find precisely the genuinely alpha male appealing. She is generally attracted to males that smart, heroic, confident and bold. She enjoys risk, and can fall for the greater number of aggressive kinds of males with rigorous sex appeal. As soon as you pass all the tests, this girl will love you for life. It is advisable to convey your feelings as long as these include genuine.

Do maybe not imagine playing games with this specific girl or she will never ever forgive you. She is generally hunting for a soulmate; so, dedicate as long as you are happy to create a promise for life. Should they trust you, Scorpios are particularly caring, devoted friends and partners. The basic character of Virgo and Scorpio is quite appropriate. They have lots of common basic individuality attributes and that can enhance both gloriously. You will find significant likelihood of a happy wedlock between a Virgo guy and a Scorpio girl. Virgos are smart and sharp, Scorpions are powerful and determined, both will enhance both and can encourage that assist another in rising high.

He look doing her energy and resolution and she will respect his efforts towards attaining perfection. They will skillfully substitute where additional lover fails and would result a harmonious photo. This relationship is generally based on depend on, respect and comprehension. The Virgo guy is actually a separate and devoted guy just who appreciates his relatives and buddies. Virgos are nurturing, majorly important and often nagging. They sought perfection as a result careful towards precise details – a typical Virgo characteristic. The Scorpio girl is far more complimentary and imaginative than a Virgo male. She is typically jealous and very passionate. The Scorpio girl in love is actually possessive about her guy and completely unwilling to generally share him – a typical Scorpio characteristic. Think about Romance and Desire? A Scorpio girl is used as every Virgo people’s key fantasy. The romance and concentration of love is very good, typically maintaining extra. Gender is actually a stronger focal point inside relationship. There’s a high amount of sensual destination right here that both Virgo and Scorpio enjoy but often, a Virgo guy may possibly not be in a position to fit the passionate area of Scorpio woman.

The wonder regarding lovemaking will draw all of them together. Provided that their relationship is actually efficient, like attaining objectives or setting up a household, they have a good groundwork due to their relationship. They display a love of beauty and place fantastic significance to their home. The parenting model of a Virgo and a Scorpio is comparable. Both have actually high expectations of themselves and of their children. Virgo’s planning and Scorpio’s powerful dedication can take these to new levels. They’ve been dedicated to their house and family. With little to no manipulations and plenty of comprehension and depend on, the Virgo guy Scorpio girl alliance can change out to be fantastic. Both of these is remarkably dedicated friends should they decide to. Virgo can offer useful view of things to the Scorpio, calming the enormity of her nervous about the particular details the Scorpio may not also imagine about.

The Scorpio girl can offer mental service to a Virgo guy and press him ahead in his job. Both of these have actually lots to generally share, as friends, as a result probably at their best inside purpose. The happy couple would face no paucity of topics for indulging in smart and rational discussions. Both Virgos and Scorpios love to take control. The situation begins when their definition of proper and great cannot fit. The Virgo guy should keep relaxed as soon as the Scorpio girl becomes moody and unreasonable. First and foremost, the guy should never test her jealous and possessive character for his or her own good. The Scorpio girl might feel offended by criticizing and pecking character of her guy. She should keep in mind though, that his requirement for perfection and planning can change out to be effective in most cases. To sort out issues, it might be crucial that you communicate effortlessly and keep really love most importantly situations. In the event it wraps up, the Scorpio will try getting vindictive and look for revenge. Virgo, in contrast, would handle it with precision and look for perfection.


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