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  • Brexit & Theresa May

    Theresa May born 1 October 1956 is a Libra/Monkey which is astromagnetic type 3+/1-. Lovers of being on the stage, they also love being the center of attention. To top it people born in the year of the Monkey are tricksters (like monkeys) and have great memory powers. Hence, lying is no problem. “Brexit means Brexit; No deal is better than a bad deal; The deal on the table is the only deal. This way we get control of our borders our laws and our economy.” Not one single statement is true out the mouth of that woman. Is she mad? Certainly, she defies truth and logic. And whilst I…

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  • Astrology Articles

    3 Gemini Personalities on the Stage

      26 May 1907 29 May 1917 14 June 1946 Gemini/Year of the Goat Gemini/Year of the Dragon Gemini/Year of the Dog 2+/2- 3+/1- 4+/0- John Wayne John F. Kennedy Donald Trump Here we have three famous Gemini characters, all of whom are famous and enormous in the human psyche.  All three of them are different types of Gemini in astromagnetic terms. In fact, all three of them are entirely different for different reasons. That said, all three are exactly alike as characteristically exposed by astrologers about Gemini types.  Certainly, different years produce different factors in character but it does not explain the same factor when it comes to personality.…

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