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3 Gemini Personalities on the Stage


John Wayne Gemini/Goat President Trump
26 May 1907 29 May 1917 14 June 1946
Gemini/Year of the Goat Gemini/Year of the Dragon Gemini/Year of the Dog
2+/2- 3+/1- 4+/0-
John Wayne John F. Kennedy Donald Trump

Here we have three famous Gemini characters, all of whom are famous and enormous in the human psyche.  All three of them are different types of Gemini in astromagnetic terms. In fact, all three of them are entirely different for different reasons. That said, all three are exactly alike as characteristically exposed by astrologers about Gemini types. 

Certainly, different years produce different factors in character but it does not explain the same factor when it comes to personality. The wide grin, the broad smile, the self-assurance, the clear self-identity, the unfailing self-belief. And there it ends because they are as different as chalk and cheese when it comes to the plus-minus (Soulmate Code).

Whilst wearing the cloth of a similar making, they colour it differently. I challenge you to watch any interviews of John Wayne and not come away with seeing a strident, determined but balanced and fair and self-effacing human being. Typical 2+/2-. Though he was fulsome on the stage, he was happier off it.

On the other hand, President Trump (typical 4+/0-)  is a bombastic, clear, deterministic, unbridled,  forward-thinking, challenging, unstoppable individual. He uses the stage to personal advantage and no more.

President Kennedy (typical 3+/1-) was, on the face of it, intelligence-led, thoughtful, fearful, flamboyent, considerate, clear-minded. He loved the stage.