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Donald Trump v Barack Obama


14 Jun 1946 4 Aug 1961 26 Oct 1947
Gemini/Year of the Dog Leo/Year of the Buffalo Scorpio/Year of the Pig
4+/0- 2+/2- 2+/2-
Donald Trump Barack Obama Hilary Clinton

It barely needs to be said but from a plus/minus point of view Trump and Obama could hardly be different.  Trump is dogmatic, determined and driven and apt to change his mind to suit his purpose for the end result is what matters to 4+ not the means of getting there whereas Obama is an equivocater, duplicitous and considerate in his manner and choices and careful not to offend and uses intelligence rather than muscle because he’s poorer.

A good comparison to Obama would be Tony Blair who was the same 2+/2- type.  To add to Trump’s armoury of course is money which means he can do as he likes. So, what is Clinton doing up there. Well, had she been elected instead of Trump, from a Plus/Minus perspective, she would have been the same as Obama. You can judge for yourself whether she would have made a better president than either of the other two.  

There were only two other 4+ presidents to compare with Trump. One was McKinley (Aquarius/Tiger) who led America into success in the American-Spanish Civil War, raised protective tariffs to protect US industry and maintained the gold standard against inflationary pressures. Now who does that remind you of?  

The other 4+ was Dwight Eisenhower (Libra/Tiger). A very straightforward man, as he was a general, Eisenhower pushed America forward after the war and who is quoted as saying: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do what you want done because he wants to to it”. It could well be said by Donald Trump.

Vice Presidents
It is noteworthy if not astonishing that every vice-president since world war 2 was a 2+/2- type with the exception of Dick Cheney (who was considered the real president) and the shoe-in Gerald Ford with his vp Nelson Rokefeller who took over temporarily when Nixon, facing impeachment, resigned in the middle of his presidential second term.

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p.s. Mckinley was assassinated!

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