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    About Personality

    It is vital to grasp the notion that ‘Starcodes’ is NOT about personality but underpins or rather ‘informs’ it. Take a visit and click 16Personalities.com where you can complete a free short questionnaire which will, surprisingly, accurately reveal your personality. This test is famous as ‘Myers-Briggs’. They say there are 16 personality types. There are 4 elements consisting of 4 different behaviour types within them.  Starcodes reveals only 5 types of magnetic beings. The beauty of the Myers-Briggs test is that it exposes the coat that develops over the body as life progresses BUT in the face of confrontation the true magnetic character dominating the individual will always come to the…

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    Magnetism in Humans All About Starcodes     Collections    Over a Barrel  Who Make the Best…     Downloads      Yes, discovery! Recently it has been found that there is magnetite in the human brain. Magnetite – as its name infers – is a magnetic crystal that sits astride the pineal gland in the brain. But what is it doing there and how on earth did a crystal come into the human form?  Well, the fact is that it has subsequently been found that magnetite is in virtually all living organisms! Not only does it help with our navigation thereby proving we are tethered to the earth’s magnetic field, it is vital to…

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    Do you use online Dating Applications or websites?  How often have you been bitterly disappointed by your date being completely wrong for you? Personality is one thing but we all present our best when we meet someone new. So, what if you knew what is behind the mask?  Wouldn’t that give you a complete advantage even BEFORE you decide to date? We are all driven by a magnetic code because we have magnetite in our brain which ties us to the Earth’s magnetic field (EMF).  Just as you understand how battery terminals work i.e. needs  and  needs rather like transmitters and receivers, the magnetic code is the same, except there are 4…

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    The Power of Five

    “When the waters in the womb break and shortly thereafter a child is born, he or she is instantly tethered to the earth’s magnetic field through magnetite in the brain. This ‘Starcode’ is fixed forever and is one of only 5 types of electro-magnetic energy fields. They consist of 4 poles of ‘+’ and ‘-‘ activity and they range from 0+/4- to 1+/3- to 2+/2- to 3+/1- to 4+/0-.” After due consideration about duality and the division of male and female it was conclusive that everything in existence had an opposite in or of itself.  So, astrology, and birth signs, in particular, irritated me in that there was a clear…

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    How to use

    This is to enable you to cut to the chase without having to wade through the many faceted pages of the site. To clarify: How to use is the logical sequence to helping you 1) understand what ‘Ardo Ci’ is 2) get to the place where you can find out what your ‘Ardo Ci’ is 3) understanding what affect your ‘Ardo Ci’ has on you and others and, 4) see a summary of what each type means. So here we go. 1) Understanding what ‘Ardo Ci’ is The fact is we have a crystal in our brain right next to the pineal gland. It is called magnetite and as its name…

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    There have been 45 different people acting as presidents, of which 6 were 4- (all before 20th century) 8 were 1+/3- (the last being a shoe-in) 15 were 2+/2- 12 were 3+/1- 4 were 4+/0- Of the 21 presidents elected since 1900, not one has been type 0+/4- *Grover Cleveland was elected on two separate occasions so counted only once    

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    Of the 34 listed 9 are 1+/3-           9 are 2+/2-            9 are 3+/1-            4 are 4+            3 are 4- Interesting points a) In modern times, neither of the 4- types (Douglas Home and Brown) were ‘elected’ PM. Both took over when the sitting prime minister resigned and neither was elected thereafter. b) Striking to note that after Douglas Home & before Tony Blair, all but 1 of five successive prime ministers were 1+/3- type and none since. Of the 34 listed 9 are 1+/3-           9 are 2+/2- …

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    Click on image title or name to see breakdown of each band Any shift from equal transmitters (+) or receivers (-) indicates a greater or lesser imbalance in the groups total identity or stage presence.  The more transmitter (+) energy, the less effort needed on stage to produce/attract audience attention. The more receiver (-) energy, the greater effort needed on stage to produce/attract audience attention. The only group in history with perfect balance is The Beatles until The Travelling Wilburys and George Harrison (4 Receivers type) was in both.

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