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Brexit & Theresa May

Theresa May born 1 October 1956 is a Libra/Monkey which is astromagnetic type 3+/1-. Lovers of being on the stage, they also love being the center of attention. To top it people born in the year of the Monkey are tricksters (like monkeys) and have great memory powers. Hence, lying is no problem.

“Brexit means Brexit; No deal is better than a bad deal; The deal on the table is the only deal. This way we get control of our borders our laws and our economy.”

Not one single statement is true out the mouth of that woman. Is she mad? Certainly, she defies truth and logic. And whilst I could write reams about what I think of her and all she has failed to do in the last couple of years as prime minister and before that as Home Secretary where she devastated the police force, let me just hang a piece of logic on the second of the above mantras, “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

ANY DEAL WHERE WE HAVE GONE TO THEM TO GET IT IS WORSE THAN THE ONE WE HAVE BY BEING IN THE EU. Let me be clear (another meaningless mantra she repeats over and over) and say it again for those of you who do not get it ANY DEAL WHERE WE HAVE GONE TO THEM TO GET IT IS WORSE THAN THE ONE WE HAVE BY BEING IN THE EU.

We voted OUT. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels OUT. No ifs, no buts as Mr cameron promised, and no argument or obfuscation. And NO DEALS! If the EU wanted a deal in our new position of being OUT OF THE EU and they came to us and ‘we’d like to offer you this to exchange business in the future, well fine and dandy, we could look at that and see if it’s of benefit to us but it would NOT AFFECT OUR POSITION OF BEING OUT.

Frankly, I fear, under the circumstances, Mrs May has led us up the garden path and this country is possibly facing an internal Armageddon. There will be no trusting the management in the future. People will just stop voting except for the diehard Party affiliates and the country will be in danger of strife and collapse.  It will take years to recover. And the British parliament will be the laughing stock throughout the world of ‘DeMOCKracy’.

So hopefully I am completely wrong and Mrs May will fail, be removed from office by 1 March and we will be clean break OUT on 29th March. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. She’s no Mrs Thatcher (Libra/Buffalo astromagnetic type 1+/3- the total opposite) – no, she’s a Monkey, remember!