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If I ruled the world I would ensure only 2+/2- people existed. It would be a stable, fair, balanced society. In the series of ranks in the army, they are the Captains. They receive orders from the Colonels and the generals and they give orders to the Captains and the Lieutenants. So they are, perfectly balanced, in the middle. The other ranks, depending on their number and placements unbalance the status quo to a greater or lesser extent. But, in a group amongst themselves, they are equal in giving and taking, transmitting and receiving, pulling and pushing. Therefore, they would make a healthy society.

In a world filled only with Generals, i.e. 4+ types, there would be mayhem, murder, violence, war-mongering, hell.

In a world filled only with Colonels, i.e. 3+/1- types, there would be enormous activity, vibrancy, clashes, excitement, exhaustion, competition.

In a world filled only with Captains, i.e. 1+/3- types, there would be disputes, laziness, selfishness, self-centredness, poor achievement.

In a world filled only with Lieutenants, i.e. 4 – types, there would be calm, boredom, suicide, laissez-faire, peace, a desperate need for an energy source.

So, how do we test this theory?

Communals!  Simply, put a list together of any number of people you either know or are fans of or you’ve come across and know something about. Ensure they are all of one type by establishing their plus-minus through the block on the front page or collect some from ‘Famous People‘.  When you have your list, imagine how they would interact together if they were all in a room or at a party you were giving or, better still, on a deserted island and had to make-do for themselves.

Great fun! It will help you realise the potential of the system and then you can easily progress to the effects of mixing up the different types.