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  • The Power of 2+/2- in the hands of Taurus

    I describe 2+/2- as Machiavellian, that is to say they are truth seekers always looking for the nuance and the balance and in order to get it they have to be ‘crafty’ from time to time. Ultimately, truth is everything, so the attitude is ‘whatever it takes’. That said, Taurus 2+/2- types are a breed amongst themselves. Rather than express what I recognise about them, let me just give you a small list of them… Tony Blair The Duke of Wellington Harry Truman Czar Nicholas II Adolf Hitler Saddam Hussein George Clooney Manfred von Richtofen Pope JohnPaul II John Brown Emporer Hirohito Pol Pot Jack Nicholson Sid Vicious Al Pacino…

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  • Gates & Jobs 4 Minuses (Receivers on speed)

    Watch this! Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in an interview. Here you will see before your very eyes two people who are 4 minus types (i.e. 0+/4-; 4 Receivers) and, on the Scales of Magnetic Relations, ZERO in their relationship with one another. Oh! yes, they are very polite and, seemingly, friends but it’s like watching two non-magnetic bodies being thrown together – there’s no linkage whatsoever. In many ways, this revealing display, recognizes the desperate state they have hurled us into without any real thought as to what they are doing (Like Zuckerberg too) to the world around them. I am mindful of 666. Note their body language. They…

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  • Chain of Command & the Plus/Minus System

    HowCompatibleAreWe.com and Astromagnetica.click have developed the idea that there are only 5 types of people based on their electro-magnetic polarity as a result of their date of birth and its link to the Earth’s magnetic field. The way people interact as result of their polarity is like magnets. In other words, the pluses and minuses  negate/support/compliment each other. The five types are 4+/0-  3+/1-  2+/2-  1+/3- and 0+/4-.  Plusses are transmitters and minuses are receivers. 4+/0- only transmit as they have no receivers 3+/1- transmit in 3 parts and receive in 1 part 2+/2- transmit in 2 parts and receive in 2 parts (balanced) 1+/3- transmit in 1 part and…

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  • Proof again if it were ever needed

    From the start, I have sought to disprove my hypothesis. I haven’t been able to do so, so far. Time and again even my own doubts have been challenged and reaffirmed. Recently we saw the despatch of the worst prime minister in British History (even, in my opinion, including Neville Chamberlain, and that’s saying something). She has been rightly replaced with Boris Johnson. The thing is Boris is a 3+/1- type but so was May and Chamberlain). Ouch! But there is a saving grace. Johnston is under the greatest pressure ever facing a PM outside Churchill (also a 3+/1- type) and WW2 to do what’s necessary. So why should I…

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  • A Few Relationships

    Here’s a collection of instagram images identifying a few Starcode relationships which may catch your eye if not your imagination

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  • 1 on 1 Relationships

    In the scales of electromagnetic relationships there are just 15 one on one relationships. People can misread the meaning of these levels. So I want to offer some clarification. For example, you will often find many 4+ types in a relationship with 3+/1- types. This is only 1+ on the plus side of the scales from 0+ to 7+. It means that these types are not likely to be successful in their relationship. But what do I mean by ‘successful’? I mean they are attracted to each other magnetically because of the incredible + sparks between them but the 4+ types have no inlet valve so they tend to ‘eat’…

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  • A Love Spell Could Put Some Magic In Your Love Life

    Have you ever had a secret love and wished that person would notice you and be attracted to you? Have you longed to develop a loving relationship with someone special, but found that your best efforts don’t seem to be good enough? Have you desired a stronger and deeper relationship with your lover or special friend, but come to accept that they just don’t want it as badly as you do. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could do to open your lover’s eyes so they were as eager as you to enter into the deeper love relationship you desire? Many people have found exactly this kind…

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  • Brexit & Theresa May

    Theresa May born 1 October 1956 is a Libra/Monkey which is astromagnetic type 3+/1-. Lovers of being on the stage, they also love being the center of attention. To top it people born in the year of the Monkey are tricksters (like monkeys) and have great memory powers. Hence, lying is no problem. “Brexit means Brexit; No deal is better than a bad deal; The deal on the table is the only deal. This way we get control of our borders our laws and our economy.” Not one single statement is true out the mouth of that woman. Is she mad? Certainly, she defies truth and logic. And whilst I…

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  • Trump V’s Pelosi

    The President, Donald Trump, is a Gemini in the year of the Dog and as such is 4+ astromagnetic type. He has promised there will be a wall built across the border with Mexico to prevent further illegal intrusions into America.  However, he now faces a stumbling block. It is that the lower house, the House of Representatives, is no longer in the majority of his Republican Party. It lost its majority to the Democrats who have just taken over control. The leader of the Democratic Party and House of Representatives speaker is one, Nancy Pelosi. She, and the party, are completely opposed to Donald Trump as a President but,…

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  • The Room

    Imagine… a room with these by the by 9 people in it Donald Trump.   Paul McCartney.   David Cameron.   Emma Thompson.   Sandra Bullock.   Christian Bale.  Mary Queen of Scots. Phil Collins.  Jane Fonda. How do you think they’d get on? From a Starcodes point of view, initially, they would have an absolute love-in. High energy, zap to zap, ego to ego con-celebration like drinking the finest bottle of Grants whiskey in one gulp. After a couple of hours, it would be a different kind of gulp – there would be animosity. And then there would be trouble, confusion, argument, dissatisfaction, and then MURDER! Someone would not be leaving the room alive.…

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