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5 Types – This is 0+/4-

4 Minuses

The fundamental characteristics and behavior of individuals with a magnetic type of 0 Transmitters and 4 Receivers “0+/4-.”
Remember, surface personality is the result of upbringing, experience, dna, education etc., but behind these masks is the driver – the unchangeable link of magnetite in the brain to the Earth’s magnetic field underpinning behavioural attitude.

  • known for their patience and careful decision-making.
  • approach situations with caution and think through the potential consequences before taking action.
  • dependable and consistent.
  • can be relied upon to fulfill their commitments and responsibilities.
  • have a strong work ethic and are driven to achieve their goals.
  • willing to put in the effort required to succeed.
  • organized and methodical in their approach.
  • think logically and tend to rely on rationality when making decisions.
  • have the power to manipulate others due to their ability to absorb energy and they choose not to use it for personal gain.
  • have a strong moral compass and prioritize the well-being of others.have a friendly and approachable demeanor.
  • can make others feel comfortable and at ease in their presence.
  • take life and their responsibilities seriously.
  • are driven by their objectives and are determined to achieve them, regardless of setbacks.
  • private individuals who value their personal space and introspection.
  • may appear reserved or aloof at times.
  • have a unique ability to absorb energy from others.
  • thrive on receiving energy and feed off caring and consideration.
  • may exude a bright and breezy personality but maintain a calm and serene demeanor.
  • remain unfazed by external circumstances.
  • possess a natural instinct for what is required in various situations.
  • are considerate and strive to maintain balanced interactions between others.
  • have a strong sense of moral values and strive to live according to them.
  • well-adjusted individuals who seek balance and harmony.
    Overall, 0+/4- individuals are well-adjusted, hardworking and ambitious with a strong sense of moral values.


Let’s explore the magnetic-bearing characteristics of individuals with the four “- – – -” receiver polarities, representing introversion and receptivity. These individuals possess a remarkable power of induction. Unlike their counterparts with four transmitters (4+), who assertively seek attention and dominate, those with four receivers (4-) quietly and purposefully draw attention towards themselves. They excel as team captains, adept at appearing benign while maintaining a firm grip on power over their surroundings. They possess an extraordinary capacity to absorb everything around them, although they seldom use this power for personal gain, as its magnitude overwhelms any such desire.

These individuals exhibit an enchanting innocence, smiling and inviting, deriving strength from the energy of others. They exude warmth and ease, evoking a desire to reach out and connect with them. However, caution is advised when engaging with them, ensuring that intentions are genuine. Any insincerity or ulterior motives will not go unnoticed, and their quick bite can leave one reeling.

They possess a heightened sensitivity to their environment and have a quietly judgmental nature. They seem almost “other-worldly,” possessing a deep understanding that contradicts initial appearances. Their lack of transmitters may give the impression of low energy, but this is far from the truth. They live off the energy of others whom they benignly can direct with extreme efficiency. In their minds, they harbor the largest personalities of all types. They receive copious amounts of energy, absorbing, mimicking, and reflecting it back without even flinching. As with any duality, the opposite of what is expected often holds true. While 4+ individuals may appear strong and powerful, they are akin to the lion in “The Wizard of Oz,” while 4- individuals, seemingly withdrawn and weak, are immensely strong, powerful, and resilient, like Dorothy.

They thrive in the spotlight, drawn to bright lights and the energy they emit. Although they happily participate in group activities, they always position themselves as the shining star. They may initially remain in the background, but make no mistake, they are steadily working their way towards the front.

However, one should not be fooled by their seemingly outgoing nature. These individuals are intensely private and remarkably objective-driven, reminiscent of characters from the film “The Children of the Damned.” They patiently wait for the moment when their envisaged outcome becomes reality, regardless of any setbacks.

Their primary focus lies in the best interests of people in general, deeply committed to the common good. They possess a calculating and deterministic nature. The energy they receive is never enough to match their absorption capacity, so those around them must constantly strive to fulfill the commitments made. Regardless of any personal shortcomings or mistakes, as long as one remains aligned with their purpose, they will continue to support. However, deviate from the agreed path, and they will swiftly and completely disconnect, leaving one isolated and unheard of in the vastness of outer space.

Their true power lies in their unwavering dedication to life and responsibility. They hold high expectations for others, aware that few possess the same level of commitment. Yet, they make allowances for those who fall short. Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting, they allow them to display their usual antics, applauding their attempts to impress. However, disappointment in their capabilities can lead to swift and decisive consequences. Once accepted into their inner circle, one is constantly under their watchful gaze.

These individuals possess a keen awareness of their surroundings, coupled with a lighthearted and humorous nature. They operate in black and white, attracting, detracting, and distracting in equal measure. They are sensitive to vibrations, sometimes subdued by them. Highly independent, they emit an aura of care and deep appreciation for the aspects within their purview. Yet, they possess immense strength when confronting adversity.

“The ones who aim to fight, well, we aim to please” would be apt here.

Famous 0+/4- Bill Gates Steve Jobs Elon Musk Henry VIII Gordon Brown Kate Middleton Audrey Hepburn Julian Assange Arthur Ashe Edmund Hillary James Cagney Harry Bellafonte Diane Keaton Peter Noone John Adams George Orwell Albert Einstein Pablo Picasso George Harrison  Robin Williams Daniel Patrick Moynihan Bruce Willis