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Top Formula 1 Racing Drivers

Lewis Hamilton07/01/19852+/2-CapricornRat
Niki Rosberg27/06/19851+/3-
Sebatian Vettel03/07/19870+/4-CancerCat
Jenson Button19/01/19802+/2-AquariusSheep
Kimi Raikkonen17/10/19792+/2-LibraSheep
Fernando Alonso29/07/19812+/2-LeoMonkey
Michael Schumacher03/01/19692+/2-CapricornMonkey
Mika Hakkinen28/09/19683+/1-LibraMonkey
Jacques Villeneuve09/04/19711+/3-AriesPig
Damon Hill17/09/19602+/2-VirgoRat
Alain Prost24/02/19550+/4-PiscesSheep
Nigel Mansell08/08/19532+/2-LeoSnake
Ayrton Senna21/03/19602+/2-AriesRat
Nelson Piquet17/08/19522+/2-LeoDragon
Niki Lauda22/02/19491+/3-PiscesBuffalo
Keke Rosberg06/12/19482+/2-SagittariusRat
Alan Jones02/11/19462+/2-ScorpioDog
Jody Scheckter29/01/19503+/1-AquariusBuffalo
Mario Andretti28/02/19401+/3-PiscesDragon
James Hunt29/08/19471+/3-VirgoPig
Emerson Fittipaldi12/12/19463+/1-SagittariusDog
Jackie Stewart11/06/19392+/2-GeminiCat
Jochen Rindt18/04/19423+/1-AriesHorse
Graham Hill15/02/19291+/3-AquariusSnake
Phil Hill20/04/19271+/3-AriesCat
Jack Brabham02/04/19263+/1-AriesTiger
Mike Hawthorn10/04/19292+/2-Aries Snake
Juan Fangio24/06/19110+/4-CancerPig
Alberto Ascari13/07/19182+/2-CancerHorse
Giuseppe Farina30/10/19062+/2-ScorpioHorse


There have been to date (June 2019) 30 Formula 1 Champion Racing drivers. Of that number
3 were 0+/4-
7 were 3+/1-
15 were 2+/2-
5 were 1+/3-
0 were 4+/0-

It is incredible to see that 50% of the total were 2+/2- types. Of the western astrological types, there were no Taurus drivers. And no one made it from the Chinese Year of the Rooster. Both of those last two statements make a degree of sense given the low sample but interesting nonetheless given that only one type from each astrological zone isn’t involved. However, it is overwhelming to note that minuses hold a leverage over pluses in this group when it comes to success.

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