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Astrology Natal Report – Example

What is inside Jennifer Lopez’s beauty?
Let’s see the astrology analysis from Astrology Natal Report.

Birth info of Jennifer Lopez:
Birthday: 24th July, 1969
Birth time: 12:00pm
Birth place: Bronx, New York (U.S.A.)

The summaries of Jennifer’s Astrology Natal Report

Jennifer is a friendly type of person, and she has a genuine and natural interest in other people. She comes across as a sociable and charming person, and she has a special talent for creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Partnerships are alpha and omega for her, and she will seldom be alone in her life. She is willing to make many compromises to ensure that a relationship functions smoothly. Using her ability to see matters from another person’s point of view, she can defuse conflict before it begins. However this tendency may be construed by others as a reluctance to confront important matters when they arise, and this in turn evokes a confrontational attitude in those who are close to her. She have a fine discriminating judgment – use this to discern when she should compromise, and when she should make a stand.

Ascendant Semi-square Moon: This aspect is extremely powerful in Jennifer’s horoscope, and will be a major feature of her character. The semi-square aspect shows a difficult streak in her character, which may manifest as an unconscious stubbornness in the matters concerned.

She is a moody person and will often find herself affected by fluctuating emotional states – especially through worrying about family matters or security issues. She has a deep appreciation of the power of the unconscious and instinctual behavior. In her dealings with people unspoken feelings have far greater priority than rational concerns or argument. She is finely tuned to changes in atmosphere, and adjust accordingly.

Venus In Gemini: There can be a lack of stability in her love relationships as a single partnership will have difficulty satisfying the need for social contact. Therefore there is a certain innocent flirtatiousness. Both men and women with this position seek stimulating mental relationships, culture, intelligence and a special kind of social mobility. Freedom to get out and about is an essential ingredient in a satisfying relationship. Without change, travel and an active social life, there is a risk of feeling stifled by the partner. A youthful charm is apparent. Good communication is the cornerstone of a satisfying love-life.

Venus In 9th House: In relationship matters Jennifer is far more interested in intelligence than good looks, erotic pursuits or the like. Her romantic yardstick is related to how much she can learn from partners, and to whether she can respect them for their understanding. Discussions and learning will be an integral part of the relationship. For her “beauty is truth, and truth beauty”. Spiritual or philosophical insights are high up on her list of priorities. She believes in the principle of a merciful and loving God, and she has the capacity to show great devotion in religious matters. In her own intellectual growth she is more inclined to the arts than the sciences.